February 25, 2013 DMC Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 2:40pm.

II. Roll Call

Chair Pamela Rodriguez, Michael Rodriguez and Rick Velasquez.  Quorum not present. Guests: Erica Hughes and Susan Witkin by phone.  Staff: Heidi Mueller, Rob Vickery, Karima Douglas and Julie Stremlau.

III. Approval of Minutes

Minutes not approved due to lack of quorum.

IV. DMC Assessment

A. Assessment Review

Karima will make final edits to the executive summary of the assessment. The final assessment will be reviewed for submission by the full Commission in March. The DMC Committee plans to complete a public document moving forward. The group discussed the RRI data and asked Erica Hughes to ensure the data is accurate and edit as necessary. Identification of the gaps in the decision points is necessary and the group surmised the county level data is more accurate. Rob Vickery recommended a conclusion paragraph that states what the most reliable data is. Recommended a paragraph at the most that describes the good and other data.

Commissioner Pam Rodriguez stated we need a level of understanding of the courts, how they adjudicate, and a strategy to follow these scales. Karima, Erica, Heidi, Rob and Susan will do a final review of the Assessment and make necessary edits. Need to make this document clear, concise and easy to read. Commissioner Pam Rodriguez recommends collapsing and organizing the sections. The data collected will assist in approval of training and work to reduce DMC whatever way possible. It is our commitment to reduce DMC and we need serious strategic activity to do so.

B. Assessment Submission

Karima and Rob plan for the release of this assessment much like the Commission’s Raise the Age report and the Reentry Report. A press release about the report when we have a less detailed document ready for release. Need to edit and remove any redundant information. Work on a strategic plan for media release, presentations, DMC awareness, etc. Plan to be ready for implementation by July. There was discussion about releasing the findings to the participating counties. Erica will follow up.

V. DMC Compliance

The Committee recommends doing an annual assessment. To continue  to request this data from the sites on an annual basis. Heidi explained  that contacts for this initial data were made aware we would be requesting  data from them in the future. 
There is still no response from OJJDP on our appeal. The Title II  Application must move forward taking the penalty into account. Commissioner Pam Rodriguez thanked the Committee and others for all  their work and advised the committee to celebrate this accomplishment.

VI. DMC Quarterly Report

No update. Last quarterly report submitted on time.

VII. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.