Strategies & Activities

Funding: Includes direct grants with JJDPAct funding and / or leveraging other state, local or federal funds.

Communications :  Includes communicating data, information and recommendations to decision makers and the       public.

  • Targeted outreach to policy makers & practitioners:
    • State (executive, legislative and judicial branch stakeholders);
    • Local (prosecutors, defenders, county boards, law enforcement agencies, etc.); and
    • Federal stakeholders (CJJ, OJJDP and other federal agencies and entities)
  • Reports:
    • Annual SAG reports;
    • Legislatively mandated reports; and
    • Ad-hoc / subject matter reports and position papers
  • Media outreach:
    • Letters to the editor, editorial board meetings, etc.
    • Placed items in journals, etc.
  • Public outreach: enhanced website, etc.

Data: Includes gathering, analyzing and disseminating a range of state and / or local system data and enhancing data capacities and systems

Training: Includes traditional training events and non-traditional / new-media strategies, such as web-based materials, guides, etc.

Legislative Reform: Includes creation of model legislation, legislative education on specified issues, etc.

Infrastructure and Collaboration: Includes creating, joining or seeking out collaborative opportunities to enhance state and local juvenile justice infrastructure

Other: Are there other strategies or approaches that would advance this principle?