Title II Grants

Juvenile Justice Youth Service Providers

Build Inc. At $65,000

Programming will provide Middle school Intervention services including academic support; intensive individual mentoring; small group work, including social emotional learning and life skills training, healthy relationships workshops, restorative justice peace circles, and pro-social peer group activities; conflict mediation, gang detachment, and court advocacy, as needed; and connection to other BUILD programs and services. As a middle school intervention site for youth not yet in contact with the JJS, the program will also include tutoring to improve academic performance and school attachment and address COVID-19-related learning loss. There will also be a focus on recreational and enrichment activities that help youth positively express themselves, discover new talents, get healthy and cultivate their creative spirit – as well as build positive peer relationships. 

Children’s Home & Aid Society of Illinois at $75,000

A Juvenile Justice Specialist will provide direct services to youth and their families with Domestic Violence charges using a Wraparound model. An MOU has been established with Madison County Probation as referrals will come from that department.

Circuit Court of Cook County at $74,983

Programming will include service coordination on behalf of young adults on juvenile probation who would otherwise transition into the adult criminal justice system. The program addresses a key challenge of the juvenile and adult justice system in Cook County and is an innovative deflection or diversion strategy, meeting one of the key priorities of the Juvenile Justice Commission. 

Lake County State’s Attorney Office at $50,485

The program “Step Up” stands for Stop-think-evaluate-plan-Use-patience. The program helps address youth involved in adolescent domestic battery within their home. The youth and their parent(s) work with social workers for 21+ weeks in group therapy sessions. The sessions utilize a restorative Justice and Circumplex Family Systems Model to focus on accountability, empathy, communication, but also restoring relationships and establishing appropriate authority within the home. 

Lawrence Hall at $75,000

Lawrence Hall’s (LH) South Shore Sexually Problematic Behavior (SPB) Clinical Services Program serves Chicago South Side and southern Cook County (south of Interstate 290) adolescent sex offenders and children with sexual behavior problems (primarily referred by Cook County Juvenile Probation) as well as their victims.  Through assessment, intervention, and individual/family therapy we address the following two IJJC core principles: ensuring that youth who do enter the juvenile justice system receive developmentally appropriate, individualized support and services and ensuring that youth leave the justice system with positive outcomes, which in turn enhance public safety. 

Midwest Youth Services at $70,000

The JAY-PRO (Jacksonville Alternatives for Youth Promoting Restorative Opportunities) program is housed at Midwest Youth Services in Jacksonville, Illinois. The program provides mentor-based community service opportunities to youth with mandated community service hours and youth who are at-risk of juvenile justice system involvement in Morgan County, Illinois. Youth are referred to the program from a variety of sources including Municipal Court, Law Enforcement, and Probation. Youth engaged in the JAY-PRO program are partnered with adult mentors who work alongside the youth as they complete their service hours at various local non-profits. Youth benefit from program supports including transportation, mentorship, skill building, and case management services. 

Northeast DuPage Family & Youth Services at $54,500

NEDFYS is implementing the ReDirect Program to serve youth at-risk of juvenile justice involvement in DuPage County. The group-based program is based on principles of restorative justice, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing and incorporates psychoeducation, skill-building, and community service into a multi-week series.  The ReDirect program will serve to reduce juvenile crime, address racial and ethnic disparities, build police-community relations, minimize trauma, produce better short and long-term youth and family outcomes, and reduce the logistical and financial burdens on the justice system to solve public health and social challenges. 

Phalanx Family Services $75,000

Phalanx Family Services, Roseland Reconnection Hub (RRHub) program is a comprehensive, client-centered, strength-based program that builds self-efficacy for each youth to successfully meet their targeted goals. RRHub will focus on challenging issues of youth violence to address the trauma associated with it. The IJJC grant will extend the RRHub’s wraparound services to include ongoing mental health services and workshops, skills training and certifications, job training and placement, financial education, and mentorship. Youth will work with their navigator to decrease aggression, improve job training skills, increase academic performance, improve relationships with parents, caregivers, and peers, and earn skills training certifications and job placement.  

SGA Youth Services at $66,660

The IDHS Juvenile Justice Youth Serving grant supports SGA’s Prevention & Intervention Mentoring program. The program serves the community areas of Roseland and Gage Park and provides youth experiencing a high number of risk factors with after-school mentoring sessions. The goal of the program is to prevent unnecessary initial or further contact with the juvenile justice system by providing individual and group mentoring, academic and career support, restorative justice learning, home visits and family engagement, as well as connecting youth to any external services or resources needed. 

Westside Health Authority at $65,000

Our Restoring Youth through Supportive Environments (RYSE) program targets 14-18 year young men in the juvenile justice system. RYSE is a 16-week (2 cohorts) diversion and wrap-around program that offers mentoring, substance abuse monitoring, civic engagement, and case management to youth referred to us via the court system or parole officers. RYSE seeks to build youth protective factors through education, building relationships with positive adults, group discussions on self-control and alternative coping strategies, identifying key triggers that cause setbacks, creating a sense of community through youth-led civic engagement initiatives, and connecting youth to necessary resources by means of case management. 

YMCA Chicago Metropolitan at $75,000

The Youth Safety and Violence Prevention (YSVP) Program will serve minor residents of 11 Community Areas in the city of Chicago in Cook County. YSVP has been offering Trauma Informed Crisis Intervention, Mentorship, Case Management, Counseling and group support to young people in these neighborhoods who have been impacted by violence since 2013. Our Mission is to develop strong children families and communities across Metropolitan Chicago through academic readiness, character development, violence prevention, and fitness and healthy living. Understanding trauma and working to offer safe, empowering, and healing experiences is the foundation of the Y’s approach to the Violence Prevention mission anchor. 

Youth Outreach Services at $75,000

YOS prevents sexual reoffending by adolescent sex offenders and youth with sexual behavior problems in Cook County, Illinois, promotes healing, and provides services for victims and families. Annually, YOS serves 40 interfamilial and/or coresidential child victims and youth offenders ages 10-18. YOS deploys two evidence-based, intensive family treatment interventions: Multisystemic Therapy for Problem Sexual Behavior (MST-PSB) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for PSB (CBT-PSB). YOS works with city and suburban Children Advocacy Centers to treat victims in addition to offering its own trauma-focused CBT.   

Juvenile Justice Councils

Children’s Home & Aid Society of Illinois (Madison County) at $75,000
Kane County at $59,072
Lake County State’s Attorney Office at $50,485
Midwest Youth Services (Morgan County) at $45,223
St. Clair County at 72,000

System Improvement

University of Illinois Center for Prevention Research & Development CPRD at $250,000

Training & Technical Assistance

Illinois Collaboration on Youth at $250,000