Juvenile Justice Glossary

Below is a list of frequently used acronyms used throughout the Juvenile Justice system.

AOIC – Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts

APPA – American Parole & Probation Association

ART – Aggression Replacement Training

BARJ – Balanced and Restorative Justice

BYSDP – Bureau of Youth Services and Delinquency Prevention

CAB – Child Advocacy Board

CAC – Child Advocacy Center

CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate

CCBYS – Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services

CFY – Communities for Youth

CMO – Chief Managing Officer (Same as CPO)

CPO – Chief Parole Officer (Same as CMO)

CraWaLa – Crawford Wabash and Lawrence Counties Volunteers in Probation

DI – Delinquency Intervention

DJJ/IDJJ – (State of Illinois) Department of Juvenile Justice

DMC – Disproportionate Minority Contact/Confinement

DOC – (State of Illinois) Department of Corrections

DOJ – (U.S.) Department of Justice

DP – Delinquency Prevention

EBP – Evidence Based Practices

ERC – Evening Reporting Center

FFT – Functional Family Therapy

IAJJC – Illinois Association of Juvenile Justice Councils

IIJIS – Illinois Integrated Justice Information System

IJDAI – Illinois Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

IJJC – Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

ISBE – Illinois State Board of Education

IST – Instructional Support Team

JAC – Juvenile Action Committee

JJDP(A) – Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (Act)

JJC – Juvenile Justice Commission

JJI – Juvenile Justice Council

JJMHI – Juvenile Justice Mental Health Initiative

JMIS – Juvenile Monitoring Information System

JSO – Juvenile Sex Offender

JWATCH – (Illinois Juvenile Supervision Database)

MDT – Multi-Disciplinary Team

MHP – Mental Health Professional

MRAI – Minors Requiring Authoritative Intervention

MST – Multi-Systemic Therapy

OJJDP – (U.S.) Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

PYD – Positive Youth Development

QMHP – Qualified Mental Health Professional

RGC – Restorative Group Conferencing

RHYA – Runaway and Homeless Youth Act

RHYTTAC – Runaway and Homeless Youth Training and Technical Assistance Centers

RIOB – Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board

RUR – Release Upon Request

SAMHSA – (U.S.) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

SASS – Screening Assessment and Support Services

SOC – System of Care

TAOEP – Truants Alternative & Optional Education Program

TASC – Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities

TLP – Transitional Living Program

TRB – Truancy Review Board

UDIS – Unified Delinquency Intervention Services

VOM – Victim Offender Mediation

WAIT – Washington Aggression Interruption Training

YASI – Youth Assessment Screening Instrument

YS – Youth Services