February 15, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 9:19am.

II. Roll Call

Lisa Jacobs, Wayne Straza, Pamela Rodriguez, Chairman George Timberlake, Arthur Bishop, Gene Griffin. Quorum declared present. Staff: Ron Smith, Julie Stremlau, Rachel Sipes, Rob Vickery. Guests: Stephanie Kollman.

III. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Jacobs moved to approve the minutes of October 19, 2011. Commissioner Rodriguez seconded the motion. All in favor, minutes approved.

IV. DJJ Update

Arthur Bishop, Director of Department of Juvenile Justice and Adam Monreal, Chairman of Prison Review Board gave an overview of their current Reentry work. They explained some aspects of the report they developed. The report categorized technical violations, revocations, etc. It is a work in progress. Director Bishop discussed the training and the time frame outline of the plan. There was some discussion of the IJJC Parole Report and Chairman Timberlake stated that overall it received good press.

The Reentry Committee meets every six months. They are making overall recommendations to address the issues but the report is not complete. They are reviewing current forms and suggesting updates. The Aftercare Specialists are to be training youth for independent living. We must have a collaborative approach and get involvement from the communities. The recidivism rate was discussed and the cost. Director Bishop announced that Illinois could save over 1 billion dollars. Expanding the program statewide would of course have the best effect.

They explained how they broke down the violations and then set them up to address the most common. There was a long discussion about domestic violence. Commissioner Jacobs noted that this issue continues to affect the success of youth in programs with family involvement. The question is can these youth be helped in these types of situations where the family involvement will either be nonexistent or volatile. Chairman Timberlake noted that there is s gray line in reference to domestic violence and treatment options are minimal. Commissioner Rodriguez announced the Coordinating Council is focusing on addressing domestic violence and substance abuse. Alternative programs were discussed. Chairman Timberlake stated that there are a great number of variables that exist and we don’t have the facilities, etc. They want the PRB involved and engaged in community services. Commissioner Jacobs believes it is a great model. They are addressing parole officers, the PRB, parents, the system, etc. Need to reprogram everyone.

Chairman Timberlake asked about juvenile sex offenders and what it would look like if it were made a lower violation. Rob Vickery explained that juvenile sex offenders are a very small part of the system population. Commissioner Jacobs stated that she feels we overreact to juvenile sex offenders and there are significant issues in a small but challenging population. It is a different aftercare program for Cook County. These youth will not just be reviewed. The entire process will be revamped. There is a great need to inform the public and to get others involved. The Communications Committee will assist in this process.

V. Status Update

A. Title II

No update at this time. 2012 Guidelines still not available. The President’s budget was presented and there are references to Title II, Title V and Competitive grants.

VI. Annual Report

No update.

VII. 3-Year Plan

No update, staff continue to finalize the document.

VIII. Juvenile Sex Offender Study Work continues, data being compiled.

IX. Raise the Age Report

Letter drafted and approved. Will be sent to the Governor’s office.

X. Committee Updates

XI. New Business

None noted.

XII. Adjournment

Commissioner Jacobs motioned to adjourn. Commissioner Griffin seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 11:08am.