November 17, 2011 IJJC Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 10:25 a.m.

II.   Roll Call:

Commissioner Lisa Jacobs, Esther Franco-Payne, Dana Weiner, George Hill, Gene Griffin, Ben Roe, Randell Strickland, Rick Velasquez, Arthur Bishop, Chairman Timberlake Commissioner Rod Ahitow, by phone,

Staff present: Jeff Bradley, Rob Vickery, Karrie Rueter, Julie Stremlau, Lin Ferguson. Guests present: Michelle Arnold, Susan Witkin.

III.   Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve the minutes of the September 21, 2011 meeting was made by Commissioner Velasquez. Commissioner Griffin seconded the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Minutes approved.

Technical Assistance and Support Update:

Karrie reported that the Recommendation of Award was posted with no objections. We are awaiting signature of the State Procurement Policy Board. As soon as that is received the contract will be issued. The date Youth Network Council signs the contract is the date it will be active. Michelle Arnold asked if the subcontractor’s contracts can be activated in advance. Karrie will check on it when she is in the office on Friday and get back to Michelle. Commissioner Jacobs added that the delay in the contract has caused delays in the Committees’ work. She also stated that at the Executive Committee it was discussed that we should have a plan to assure that this doesn’t happen again. Karrie responded that we were going to do a three-month extension to the previous contract, but at the advice of Procurement we didn’t take that option. Commissioner Hill asked if the PPB doesn’t approve the contract, we can go through U of I as a means to add funding. Chairman Timberlake requested that he be called immediately when Karrie hears what the decision is of the SPPB.

IV.   Status of Funds

        A. Title II Grant:

There has been no real change in the status of funds. An extension was received for 09 funds which means we have until September 30, 2012 to spend $1.2 million. Karrie will prepare a no-cost extension request for FFY10 funds. The feds reported earlier this week what FFY12 funds will be reduced by a 54%. An estimated amount is less than $1.1 million. Ten percent comes off of that, subtract monitoring and DOC contract and we have $616,000, subtract DMC coordinator and we have a balance of $525,000. With all expenditures accounted for we will be $350,000 in the hole. Commissioner Jacobs added that we are working on a funding map that will exhibit how funds are being allocated and where we stand financially. Commissioner Franco-Payne reported that the requests of the General Assembly are costly. She recommends that we discuss with them that we are willing to be a resource for them and detail the costs we have incurred completing their requests and ask if they and provide funding for future requests.

        B. Title V Grant:

Has been eliminated.

V.   The Three-Year Plan:

A new three-year plan will be due to OJJDP in March of 2012. Guidance for the FFY09 OJJDP Report was distributed and Karrie doesn’t anticipate receiving guidance for the FFY10 three year report until after January 1, 2012. Commissioner Jacobs added that assuming the 2012 plan requirements will be similar in some areas, as we can begin to analyze and draft these elements now. Data is one element that we could begin to analyze now and include it in our report. The next part is compliance which is split into three requirements. This should go in alignment with the data portion as a model. DMC is the next requirement. Commissioner Franco-Payne requested, on Commissioner Pam Rodriguez’s behalf, that assistance be provided for the DMC portion of the report, since she doesn’t have a co-chair. Commissioner Strickland suggested that we merge BARJ and DMC Committees which would allow him to work in both areas. Chairman Timberlake requested that a meeting with Commissioners Strickland and Pam Rodriguez be scheduled to discuss this option.

Commissioner Jacobs would like to have the report segmented into three areas: items that can be done now (boiler plate), data analysis and conclusions, and the Commission statement of compliance state of priorities and plans.
Commissioner Jacobs asked Chairman Timberlake if he would like to use this time to get this process started. He said he would like for Committees to work on this and report back in January when we would have something more definitive. Commissioner Hill recommended that we have a more broad report to keep the funds coming in so we have flexibility. Commissioner Jacobs has been observing New York’s three-tier plan. She suggested using this time to move forward. The next Planning and Grants meeting is December 14, 2011, and that will be a good place to get this work started.

VI.   DJJ Grant Update:

A Screening and Assessment Update was distributed. The document describes how an individualized report for each youth will be completed using the screening tools that have been approved by this body. Ashley Cross and Director Bishop provided information on data obtained from the screening tools and how it will be useful to this Commission.
Karrie asked if a funding report could be provided. SFY2012 is covered for expenses, but we need to plan for SFY2012, if necessary. If it would be available prior to the next P&G meeting, it would be helpful to plan for next year.

VII.   AOIC Collaboration:

No report.

VIII.   Compliance Update:

No report.

IX.   Juvenile Reentry RFP:

Rob Vickery reported that the RFP will be ready for release by Monday, November 21, 2011. Once released applicants will have 10 business days to send their letter of intent. They will then have a month to complete their applications. There will be two conferences to help agencies complete their applications. Everything presented at the conference will be available online for those who were unable to attend the conference. The emphasis of the application is for agencies to work with other providers in their communities to turn the curve using the RBA model leveraging Medicaid and other tools to provide a positive outcome for kids coming out of DJJ.

X.   Youth Reentry Improvement Study:

Commissioner Franco-Payne reported that the report will be released by November 29, 2011. The final draft of the study has been completed and ready to go to the printer and copies will be available next Tuesday.

Revisions were made according to the feedback received from meetings Chairman Timberlake had with legislators, etc. The implementation of the recommendations were incorporated into the report. Five hundred copies are being printed, Commissioners will receive a copy. A press release has been prepared and a phone press conference is planned for November 29, 2011. The Commissioners were asked if they wanted to have a conference call to inform them of key talking points so they are prepared to answer questions that might come their way. Karrie requested copies of the report in Word and “pdf” format for posting on the website. Stephanie Kollman will be proceeding with the recommendations and begin work on them December 1, 2011. The Commission will be updated on the grant from the Public Welfare Foundation. This grant went directly to Northwestern. Dana Weiner and Mike Steele will be working on the cost of the Parole study.

XI.   Sex Offender Bill Study:

Moving forward. Loyola is working with Anita Weinberg to collect information through file reviews and looking at best practices around the country. Commissioner Jacobs reported that we may need to request $8,000 for travel of students to detention centers. $10./hour plus travel. This request will go through the Planning and Grants Committee. Karrie added that the amount should be increased to include administration fees. Commissioner Velasquez made a motion to provide $10,000 for students to travel to sites in order to complete the study. Commissioner Griffin seconded the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Commissioner Jacobs abstained. Motion passed.

XII.   Raise the Age Report:

Should be complete by November 30, 2011. It will go to DHS for printing. Karrie reported that the DHS Communications Department will look at it prior to printing. It will be reviewed at the next Communications Meeting December 8, 2011; revisions will be made and then printed. A decision needs to be made if we want a press release, or if we should just send it to the Governor’s Office. Communications Committee will work with all of the Committees to get information for the Annual Report.

XIII.   Virtual High School Report:

The report distributed provides information on how juvenile detainees can be on a trajectory to obtain a high school diploma, even if they do not return to a traditional high school upon release. Technology is being investigated as a factor in accomplishing this. The White House Office of Technology is looking at using technology more effectively in accomplishing this. Director Bishop reported that DJJ is looking at the Florida model and plan to roll out a pilot program in January. Director Bishop asked if Dr. Gaffey could be present at the next JJ Commission meeting to give a report. Director Cook is in favor of this program and is willing to provide funding to make it a success.

XIV.   Youth SAG Member Engagement/Youth Involvement:

Commissioner Jacobs asked Chairman Timberlake if there is anything he wants to address on this subject at this meeting. The Governor’s Office will be provided a report on how we want to move forward on this issue. Any approach we take will cost money. Director Bishop said that since DCFS has an extensive youth advisory Board, they may be able to provide us with input on how to engage youth and provide a role. Commissioner Strickland added that using a combination of DCFS and Project Nia would be a way to get more involvement. Michelle reported that YNC included this in their RFP proposal. She will provide the information that was included in their proposal at the December Planning and Grants meeting.

XV.   IJJC Committee Updates, Membership & Motions for Consideration:

        A. JDAI:

Commissioner Velasquez reported that the Committee met last week and discussed RBA process on one item. The Committee is still in the learning phase and working to use it more effectively and efficiently. We are working to identify three more issues to go through the RBA process.

The scope of JDAI is broadening. Looking at transportation grants for what will be required in compliance and other projects the Commission is involved in for ongoing review and reporting to the Commission. Committee is focusing on how to reorganize what they are taking on as a workload. Staffing is an issue for a full-time person to look into all of the requests of the Commission. The Committee passed a motion to have a full-time person. The plan is to ask Planning and Grants Committee how their actions and efforts can be data oriented. The primary focus should be that we don’t move on anything until we have data that guides movements. Seeking support in terms of conducting some type of study or preparing a report every 2-3 years on this subject. JDAI Committee Action Plan was distributed. Jeff Bradley discussed that templates will be developed from comments from the Commission. He has been providing technical assistance in counties and presenting at a symposium. He will be part of a panel at the State’s Attorney Conference in December and is hopeful that this presentation will become a regular agenda item at this conference. He asked when the Commission would be open for unsolicited proposals for funding projects. Commissioner Jacobs responded that we would know better after completion of the three-year plan. She further responded that CPRD should be used as the resource in making policy decisions. Commissioner Velasquez made a motion that the Committee recommends that the JDAI coordinator be made full time to broaden the scope of the work. All in favor. None opposed. Motion passed.

        B. DMC:

No report.

        C. BARJ:

Commissioner Strickland has accepted the position of Chair of the Committee, since Edith Crigler has resigned after taking a position on the Parole Review Board.

        D. Planning and Grants:

Committee will be working on the three-year plan.

XVI.   Legislation:

No report.

XVII.   Non-Commission Funded Program Updates (Redeploy, JCEC, EUDL, 2nd Chance, JABG, NRI):

No report.

XVIII.   Federal & National Committee Updates (FACJJ, FCC, CJJ): No report.

XIX.   Other Business:

Second Chance – The second cohort of kids have transitioned out of the facility and are on target to meet their goal by the end of the year. The total number of kids is 48. The number of kids is small than expected, but we have only lost one kid due to a lack of interest.

Commissioner Roe and Chairman Timberlake have been appointed to Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice (FACJJ). Ben reported that one consistent theme is that we need to work more with schools.
Redeploy Illinois RFP should be posted today.

Special on MSNBC, 9:00PM, Sunday, 20, 2011, “Young Kids-Hard Time” about kids serving hard time in adult facilities.
Included in the packet is a complete list of all Commission/Committee dates for 2012.

XX.   Adjourn:

Commissioner Strickland made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Roe seconded. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 12:10PM.