September 13, 2012 JDAI Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 9:36am.

II. Roll Call

Chairman Rick Velasquez; Commissioners: Eugene Griffin, George Hill, George Timberlake and Barb Shipp. Guests: Dana Weiner and Susan Witkin. Staff: Ron Smith, Julie Stremlau and Jeff Bradley. IJJC Chairman Timberlake removed Randell Strickland from the JDAI Committee until further notice.  Quorum declared present.

III. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Hill motioned to approve minutes from March 15th, May 10th and July 12th of this year. Commissioner Griffin seconded the motion. All in favor, minutes approved.

IV. Coordinator’s report

Jeff Bradley explained the plan for the upcoming conference. The dates are March 12th and November 13th in north and south locations. $10,000 for both conferences. He stated we need to find out what is going on with other states, our data as compared to other states. Bart Lubow would be a good contact for this type of information. Jeff said the big issue is putting the content together. Chairman Velasquez would like an implementation plan on the conferences.

V. Chair’s Comments

Chairman Velasquez stated we have an obligation to look at the data. We need to determine what is going on with the JDAI sites and their sustainability. Barb Shipp informed the group she has a vast amount of data and information on the sites. She will again share her spreadsheets with the group. She added that there are certain practices we don’t want the sites to sustain. Jeff Bradley agreed we do not want to continue certain practices and this is our opportunity to change. We need to highlight the elements of JDAI that make a significant impact and do not require funding. IJJC Chairman Timberlake added that we need to use existing resources and coordination. Sustainability is the issue.

VI. Compliance Report

No major issues to report. Vermillion County had 28 DSO violations, 26 of those were contempt truancy violations. It was noted these issues were addressed and there have been no further violations since June. Barb Shipp would like Jeff Bradley to contact her to further discuss Vermillion’s violations. Ron Smith reported that Public Act 89-0646 and the new Juvenile Justice Reform Law that allows minors to be held in lockups in excess of 6 hours for serious offenses and for lineupsis significantly increasing violations. Both of these are violations of the Jail Removal mandate. As stated in the May report the plan to remove transportation grants over a three year period will increase jail removal violations in areas served by the grants, particularly the twenty six counties served by Franklin County. There is a fair to good possibility of Illinois being out of compliance with this core requirement in the future. Commissioner Hill stated that he believes the Transportation Program is not necessary and it needs to end and should have some time ago. Ron Smith again stated his concerns of Illinois being out of compliance when the violations occur due to the elimination of the program. Chairman Velasquez agreed with Commissioner Hill to end the Transportation program but believes we have to leave the sites in better shape and not abandon them. Barb Shipp explained that we need an excellent exit strategy. She explained that the JDAI committee and the Commission might have good ideas for the exit strategy but that they must be developed with the sites and ensure they are community driven. We have to know their resources and how best to utilize those resources before we remove their funding.

VII. Old Business

a. IJJC Transportation Grant Review

1. Data Update
Commissioner Dana Weiner and Susan Witkin have been compiling Transportation data. They have determined how facilities transport their kids and found that facilities differ in their use of the funds. They found misaligned fiscal incentives and as a result believe more kids are held in county jails. We need to engage the sites and increase their understanding of the purpose of the Transportation program. Chairman Velasquez thanked Commissioner Weiner for her assistance and believes we have a clearer understanding of the data.

2. Transportation Grant Funding Reductions

The plan is to reduce funding over a three year time period. They reviewed the data to see the focus and what it should be. Susan Witkin gave an overview of the data presented. Chairman Velasquez stated the warrants need more analysis. We need to work with jurisdictions and determine what is driving those warrants. Probation violations are very high. Burglary and Domestic battery are 70% of the cases. Domestic Battery is a focus of the IJJC and we should build on this. Chairman Velasquez would like to focus on areas where we have invested resources for Models for Change and Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services (CCBYS). Barb Shipp noted that the subject of the file reviews; screenings, etc. are important topics. She further stated that we must not let that cloud our main focus, which is the phasing out of the Transportation program and the concern that this action will result in Illinois becoming out of compliance with OJJDP requirements. Chairman Velasquez, Jeff Bradley, Ron Smith and Commissioner Ben Roe will complete a site visit to Franklin County and report back to the committee.

B. Casey Funding

1. All Sites Conferences
Two dates for March and November, see comments above.

2. Funding for data collection
There appears to be misaligned financial incentives for detention from the AOIC in their funding formula. We need to use the data collection to guide the conversation with the jurisdictions.

3. New site recruitment: No update.

VIII. New Business

The next JDAI meeting is November 15th. Chairman Velasquez asked Susan Witkin and Commissioner Weiner to attend.

A. Inviting Site representatives to Committee Meetings

IX. Adjourn

Commissioner Hill moved to adjourn. Barb Shipp seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 9:56am.