January 9, 2013 Planning and Grants Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Meeting was called to order at 9:08am.

II. Roll Call

Chairman Lisa Jacobs, Rick Velasquez, Pamela Rodriguez, Gene Griffin and IJJC Chairman George Timberlalke. Quorum present. Staff: Rob Vickery, Julie Stremlau, Heidi Mueller. Guests: Susan Witkin.

III. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Griffin moved to approve, Commissioner Velasquez seconded the motion. All in favor, December 2012 minutes approved.

IV. Program / Project Updates

A. Reentry Projects

No update.

B. Adolescent Domestic Battery Projects

No update

C. DJJ Assessment Grants

Reentry should be within the DJJ system. There was a brief discussion on how long the IJJC plans to continue to fund this programming under DJJ, no decision noted.

D. Transportation / Jail Removal Grants

Commissioner Velasquez explained the IJJC will need to vote about continuation of funding for Franklin County at the next full Commission meeting.

E. Second Chance Continuation Grant

IL was awarded this continuation grant, no further updates at this time.

F. Other

V. Fiscal and Strategic Planning

A. Title II

Compliance: The JDAI Committee has inquired about other states and their Compliance process, what the IJJC is obligated to do in reference to Compliance and what current grantees such as ICJIA, CPRD, DJJ and YNC/ICOY provide the IJJC in terms of compliance requirements. Staff will compile a report for the Committee regarding federal and state requirements, the state of practice, our current activities in Illinois and opportunities for coordination/cost-savings.


Chairman Timberlake offered JABG funding badground and status on IJJC request for technical assistance from OJJDP.Staff presented information on programs currently funded by ICJIA with JABG funds, JABG purpose areas and how those areas intersect with Title II program areas. Staff will present an updated report on current JABG grant sub-recipients and status of the application and transfer at the next Planning and Grants meeting.

VI. Committee Updates/Motions for Consideration

A. Communications Committee

No further update.

B. DMC Committee

Commissioner Rodriguez updated the group on the DMC OJJDP call. Commissioner Jacobs explained the strategic planning documents. Heidi informed the group that OJJDP offered to train the new DMC Coordinator, Karima Douglas in Washington. Commissioner Rodriguez further explained we want to collect the DMC data annually so that in 3 years we are not repeating this data process. The DMC Assessment will gauge where programming is needed. At the next IJJC meeting we will discuss the DMC Assessment, policies and procedures and on-going data collection.

C. JDAI / Detention Committee

No further update.

D. Executive Committee

No update

E. Data Liaison

No update

VI. New Business

None noted.

VII. Adjourn

Commissioner Jacobs motioned to adjourn and Commissioner Griffin seconded. Meeting adjourned at 11:44am.