October 9, 2013 Planning and Grants Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 9:24am.

II. Roll Call

Chairman Lisa Jacobs, George Hill, Rick Velasquez, Esther Franco-Payne. Quorum present. Staff: Karima Douglas, Rob Vickery, Julie Stremlau, Heidi Mueller.

III. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Franco-Payne motioned to approve minutes, Commissioner Hill seconded the motion. Minutes approved.

IV. Fiscal and Strategic Planning

A. Federal Funds Update

Executive Director, Heidi Mueller gave an update of the federal funding. OJJDP recommended to draw down our funds but unable to do so due to Federal government shutdown. She explained pending layoffs and issues during this time. This should only be temporary. Some employees will not be paid but DHS fiscal has been using general revenue funds to cover this shortfall. There was a discussion concerning providers and how this lack of funds being drawn down could affect their delivery of services. We don’t see this as a huge detriment to the agencies for this short time period we expect this to last.

B. JABG Projects Review Process

Chairman Jacobs Lisa explained discretionary and formula grant differences. The IJJC needs to determine if these discretionary should continue or be used in a different manner. Heidi explained the current programming for JABG grant existing providers. We have current PERMS ready to send out for reporting. Federal Government decides on the formula grantees every year. We have no control. Discretionary we can use in a different manner. Due to transition we decided to transfer the existing providers automatically. This year they will continue but next year the IJJC will determine who receives discretionary JABG funding. We need to determine how to allocate non-allocated funds. In looking at 2015 projected funding: Moving further to develop an application with the IJJC goals in mind and have those interested apply for funding. Due in March, P and G review applications and score them. Determine whom to award and present to IJJC for final approval. The group discussed the funding amount and which discretionary grants to review. It was noted to move forward by telling the sites what the IJJC wants in their future applications instead of reviewing current information. Heidi believes the IJJC feedback will help their future applications. It is also a chance to educate ourselves about what they are doing. We need to determine what we want from written summaries, program plans and consider site visits. We currently have 15 grantees, 3 formula and 12 discretionary.

The Formula grantees are interested in the flexibility of using their funds in a different manner. Commissioner Jacobs noted we have the ability to say “NO” we don’t like them using Formula JABG funds for programs such as “scared straight”. This type of program is completely against what the IJJC believes and advocates for. We could do a fiscal and programmatic review of current plans. Get them together and go over what they have been doing? Allows the grantees to also talk to each other and discuss options, successes, etc. This is a process for existing grantees to receive site visits and future planning/availability of funds, etc. It was noted by the committee to plan a meeting of JABG grantees to meet and discuss issues, solutions to what they are currently doing or unable to do, etc.

There was further discussion about JCEC site visits. We will present and finalize this recommendation at the November Commission meeting. Allocate funds to cover travel costs. We have Champaign, Macon, East St Louis and the Department of Juvenile Justice are south of Chicago. Need a target audience for a statewide conference. We will request different people for different counties, depending on those that are the key players. Project manager, county board personnel (those that would be directly involved in making things happen). Commissioner Hill motioned to approve up to $5000 to do this conference. Commissioner Velasquez seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed. Rob Vickery will be the lead on the development of this December grantees meeting. There was a discussion concerning expansion of the Youth Advisory Board. Commissioner Velasquez motioned to approve up to $18,960. Commissioner Franco-Payne seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed.

V. New Business

Next meeting November 13, 2013. There will be a Special Planning and Grants meeting scheduled to allocate Title II and JABG according to IJJC goals and priorities. Location, time and date to be determined.

VI. Adjourn

Commissioner Velasquez motioned to adjourn, Commissioner Franco-Payne seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 11:06am.