February 27, 2012 DMC Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order

Meeting began at 2:36pm. The meeting was officially called to order at 3:05 when a quorum was established.

II. Roll Call

Rick Velasquez, Pamela Rodriguez, Rodney Ahitow. Quorum present. Guests: Dr. Miquel Lewis, Susan Witkin, Ada Skyles and Erica Hughes. Staff: Lisa Dadavo, Miguel Millett, Julie Stremlau, Kristin Knox.

III. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Velasquez motioned to approve the minutes of December 19th. Commissioner Ahitow seconded the motion. Minutes approved. Commissioner Rodriguez motioned to approve the minutes of October 17th. Commissioner Velasquez seconded the motion. Minutes approved.

IV. Statewide DMC Assessment

Tracker Proposal, ICJIA, CPRD, Timeline
Miguel Millett explained Tracker and its use. The assessment will not include all counties. Currently only 19 of the 41 counties use the system. We are in the process of obtaining consent. Commissioner Velasquez asked if Tracker is covered by AOIC. No, this is an independent system and not sponsored by AOIC. There is a system in place but not design requirement across departments. The Commission is contracting with ICJIA to acquire the data. We currently have 19 counties that use Tracker but we still need individual permission from these counties.Commissioner Velasquez inquired about the nature of the consent. Is it constricting us in what we find in terms of practices, policies and procedures? Do we think this product is too broad to examine the hot topics. Erica Hughes responded that we can take a look at data components and we will know. Progress has been made. ICJIA is acquiring the consents and they feel most judges will be in agreement. Miguel added that we do not need consents from all counties before beginning. We may start the process as each one is received. Miguel received an email from McHenry County. They are very interested in helping with the Assessment. They do not have Tracker and are one of the counties that will require a hand count. We planned to use college students to assist in this process.

Susan Witkin explained that they are developing the survey. All the measures must be complete and then submitted so all is done at one point. We want to hit as many people as we can: Probation, Police, and States Atty. We are hoping for a good response. Anyone who has good contacts, please let us know how to reach these people so we can get the best feedback. There will be formal interviews with those that have the time. If law enforcement or the courts have a more enlightened understanding, we need to attract those in the key areas. We are working for all 9 decision points across 41 counties. Miguel added that when finalized, Illinois will then have a more comprehensive assessment than many other states across the country.

V. Response to OJJDP

We received a letter from OJJDP regarding Compliance. Illinois was found in compliance but with Conditions. Certain data points and goals need to be accomplished to achieve full Compliance. We are working to complete the components of the letter and we can meet most of them. The directive to report on 5 decision points for 60 counties is not possible and we do not have this information available. It will be difficult to get 41 counties but Erica explained we could pull the data but the transfer to adult court data may not be 100% accurate. The last data set is probation data. We have requested this data from AOIC. Chairman Timberlake has been working with AOIC on this issue and we do not have an update at this time. Commissioner Rodriguez will have a discussion with Chairman Timberlake concerning AOIC. There are many parties interested in the AOIC data.

Miguel mentioned the updated Timeline document which everyone received. This form explains the current topics and our action on each.

DMC Training for Commission
OJJDP has mandated that we conduct training for the Commission regarding DMC and federal requirements. There is a live Webinar available and we must choose from a variety of dates. April or May will be the earliest we can set up this training. If we are unable to complete this mandate by the allotted time period we can still be in compliance if we have the training scheduled. Commissioner Rodriguez stated she would like to invite the Racial and Ethnic Impact (REI) Research Task Force, Models for Change, Senator Hunter and Representative Ford. The (REI) Research Task Force report should be issued in June and they will want a press conference. We could share the stage with them. This is a chance to promote the DMC assessment and possibly discuss an adult DMC assessment.


Miguel Millett has begun working on a document addressing RBA. Commissioner Velasquez explained how JDAI is addressing RBA. Commissioner Rodriquez recommended Miguel continue his work on the RBA draft document. Erica Hughes believes the quantitative data will really shape our decisions. Commissioner Velasquez added that we are not creating programs and strategies we are working toward a way of life. These strategies are going to be difficult to establish. Commissioner Rodriguez stated the Committee needs to focus on the DMC Assessment, at this time. We cannot use the RBA process until we establish the story behind the curve of the baseline. The Assessment will give us those guidelines. Commissioner Rodriguez and Miguel Millett will continue to work on the RBA document to share with the group. Commissioner Velasquez will assist in this process.

VII. Budget Update

No update.

VIII. New Business/Other

None noted.

IX. Adjourn

Commissioner Velasquez motioned to adjourn. Commissioner Rodriguez seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 3:48pm.