June 17, 2013 DMC Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 2:35pm.

II. Roll Call

Chairman Pamela Rodriguez, IJJC Chairman George Timberlake, Rick Velasquez (P). Quorum not present. Guests: Erica Hughes, Leah Menzer, Kanako Ishida, Christine Head, Brent Frey and Susan Witkin. Staff: Rob Vickery, Karima Douglas and Heidi Mueller.

III. Approval of Minutes

Unable to approve due to lack of quorum.

IV. DMC Assessment Takeaways

DMC Chairman Pamela Rodriguez advised we focus on the data we have and what we know in order to move forward. DMC Coordinator, Karima Douglas pulled together the key takeaways from both the quantitative and qualitative sections. For the quantitative data, Chairman Rodriguez encourages the group to become familiar with this data and continue using it to drive our work. The quantitative data will be collected again this year, and will hopefully have improved data. Erica Hughes asked that we track the data submitted from each jurisdiction, noting what they are submitting and what data source they’re using. Karima discussed how the Minorities category includes all non-white youth. Also, why it could have a lower RRI than African American Youth. Erica clarified that all RRI’s are calculating using the youth population (as opposed to the previous decision point). We will try to collect data in the future and analyze the relationship between offense type and class. Chairman Pamela Rodriguez and the group expressed difficulty understanding the Adjudication data, especially in comparison with the Petitions Filed, Probation, and Secure Confinement. IJJC Chairman Timberlake updated the group on efforts with CPRD, US DOJ, and ICJIA for a coordinated effort to build bridges between disparate data systems. The plan is not to create a single system, but to create an architecture for systems to talk to each other. Karima reviewed the key highlights from the qualitative section – emphasis on the role of discretion and the overall lack of DMC training. Susan Witkin noted in the key informant interviews that only one or two discussed DMC-specific training; and none of the court agencies discussed any agency-wide trainings on how DMC related to day-to-day work. Regionally, police in the Chicago area had more awareness of DMC.

V. Strategic Planning

Chairman Pamela Rodriguez discussed the development of the Planning & Grants plan for project implementation and its relation to the DMC Strategic Plan. Karima presented four proposed DMC-specific projects.

  • First, a youth and law enforcement partnership, with a focus on better communication and development of strategies to prevent and deescalate conflicts;
  • Second, DMC reduction through Local Planning & Governance;
  • Third, Expungement; and
  • Fourth, DMC Compliance, which includes communication about DMC
    Chairman Pamela Rodriguez discussed how the goals set by the committee two months ago may have been overly optimistic, and may be adjusted based on experience over the next year. Work will start in jurisdictions that have active juvenile justice or local governance structures. In Cook County, the primary governance body is the JDAI Executive Committee. IJJC Executive Director, Heidi Mueller also suggested the new Commander of the Youth Services Division of CPD be involved. And she discussed how DHS Bureau of Youth Intervention Services has begun collecting race and ethnicity data. Karima discussed the plan for the first year for Goal 1 (“Achieve DMC Reduction through local planning and governance in approximately 10 counties a year for three years”) and thru the rest of the rest of the three- year plan highlighting projects aligned with each of the three goals. Karima and Chairman Pamela Rodriguez explained the communications strategy for the DMC Assessment which includes a press conference largely centered on the Youth Advisory Board and letters sent to DMC assessment participating jurisdictions.

VI. DMC Coordinator Update

Chairman Pamela Rodriguez asked about next steps before the next meeting in July. Karima agreed to send regular updates to the committee members about the progress made on the DMC assessment communications strategy between meetings.

VII. New Business

None noted.

VIII. Next Meeting

August 19, 2013

IX. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.