October 17, 2011 DMC Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 2:09PM.

II. Roll call

Chairman Pam Rodriguez, Commissioner Edith Crigler, Gwen Riddell, Miquel Lewis, Erica Hughes, ICJIA, Andrea Coleman by Phone; Guests: Lisa Dadavo, Raven Moore, Sarah Sullivan and Michael Holmes. Quorum not present.

III. Approval of Minutes

Approval of minutes was deferred to the next meeting, quorum not present.

IV. Title II

The letter sent to the states includes benchmarks, because the Feds are concerned with Illinois’ data collection. States are required to collect data by race and ethnicity and Illinois has a lot of missing data. This makes it hard to move through the DMC reduction model and to assure Illinois moves forward to meet the benchmarks and quarterly reporting. This will allow them to list special conditions. Chairman Pam Rodriguez asked for verification that funds will be withheld even though we were found to be in compliance. Karrie Rueter clarified that this will be next year’s funds (FY12) and the reduction could be lifted sometime in the next 18 months. The restriction applies to 20% of the funds. The extension request was approved for the DMC Assessment Study until 3/30/13. Andrea Coleman stressed that whoever will be collecting data for the minimum five data points needs to assure that they will be able to complete the data collection by 3/30/12. If they are not able to complete the collection on time, a requested extension will be approved. SAG participation in a future technical assistance meeting is necessary to meet OJJDP expectations. The date can be scheduled through the National Training and Technical Assistance Center. The outcome of the meeting is for OJJDP to understand better what challenges and barriers Illinois is facing. When Illinois’ data is improved, the Feds will be able to identify what DMC looks like in Illinois. Chairman Pam Rodriguez asked if training could be provided to the Commission, since they have additional leverage to change the system in regards to statewide data collection. Andrea replied that she would be happy to do that, and this has been done in other states previously.

As the Juvenile Justice Specialist, Karrie will have access to the web-based data and will be able to enter data and change the reporting periods, Miguel will be able to enter data only. If anyone else is interested in having access to the data, send Andrea an e-mail and she will get you linked to the website. Chairman Pam Rodriguez asked that CPRD and ICJIA staff be provided access to the website. Karrie will ask CPRD and ICJIA staff to become familiar with the web-based data. Andrea offered her assistance for future questions.

Chairman Pam Rodriguez asked Karrie for clarification on the next step for the Committee. She replied that currently we are submitting quarterly reports and have addressed some of the requirements outlined in the letter. Karrie did ask Andrea for clarification on the requirement “to identify a minimum of three local jurisdictions to implement DMC reduction initiatives”. She explained to her that jurisdictions in Illinois are defined as counties and does not include individual neighborhoods. They want to be assured that we are working on system improvement in the State of Illinois. Chairman Pam Rodriguez asked that all of the requirements be put into a spread sheet with a progress report column and columns for dates of submission and approval by OJJDP, so we can track each requirement individually.

Chairman Pam Rodriguez asked if outside of the DMC Assessment there is anything else the Committee needs to do. Karrie said continue with the quarterly reports and other reports as usual.

Actions/Next Steps: SAG participation in a future technical assistance meeting; Further training for the Commission with Andrea Coleman’s assistance; CPRD and ICJIA staff will become familiarized with the web-based data; Continue submission of quarterly reports and other requirements outlined in the OJJDP letter; Development of a spread sheet with a progress report column in order to track each requirement.

V. Statewide DMC Assessment

Spreadsheet with timeline is in process and is on target. CPRD will work on the qualitative portion of the assessment. Chairman Rodriguez will meet with ICJIA to get a work plan for students to research on quantitative portion which includes a work plan and strategy for hiring students. The qualitative and quantitative assessments will be integrated to assure there are no gaps. She is happy with the progress thus far and is sure completion will be on time. Erica reported that the 41 counties don’t represent a large geographic area of the State but do represent of 98% of minority population in Illinois. Karrie asked if Miguel and Erica could meet with her in the near future to help get through the first part of the report which is due in November. Erica agreed. Sarah Sullivan asked that Karrie let her know if there are any gaps in the DJJ data in comparison to the National Census data. Karrie added that we are required to develop a data collection manual. Chairman Pam Rodriguez asked if it is like the Macarthur Models for Change. Karrie added that we should look into using that manual. Getting the data collection in place is the biggest challenge facing us at this time. The deadline for submission is two weeks away, so this will be a challenge. Erica may have to do this part in pieces. Chairman Pam Rodriguez would like to see what is submitted prior to submission, and determine if we need to request an extension.

Actions/Next Steps: Chairman Rodriguez will meet with ICJIA to plan for student’s research on quantitative portion/work plan and strategy for hiring of students; Karrie, Miguel and Erica will meet to address the first portion of the report; Development of a data collection manual; Submission of all information through Chairman Rodriguez.

VI. DMC Grant Application Update

VII. CASP Grant 

We were not awarded this grant.

VIII. School To Jail Conference

Commissioner Crigler reported that plans are in process and apologized that she had to leave for another meeting. Chairman Pam Rodriguez reported that Commissioners Crigler and Strickland are looking for regional conferences throughout the State on intervening in the school to prison pipeline that would be a partnership with OSI. She asked them to present the impact that we would likely see using RBA format and performance indicators that would demonstrate that it was a good use of our time.
Actions/Next Steps: Presentation in RBA format by Crigler and Strickland.

IX. New Business

Julie Stremlau asked if the third Monday in even months, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. is when the DMC meetings should be scheduled for 2012. Chairman Pam Rodriguez suggested changing the meeting time to 2:30-4:00 p.m.

X. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 3:05p.m.