Here’s Why It’s Counterproductive To Put Juveniles On The Sex Offender Registry

Here’s Why It’s ‘Counterproductive’ To Put Juveniles On The Sex Offender Registry, by Kim Bellware.

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CHICAGO — Requiring juveniles to register as sex offenders can hinder rehabilitation efforts and have significant, long-term negative consequences for young perpetrators who are statistically unlikely to re-offend, according to a study released Tuesday.

Among the most significant outcomes of the new 150-page report (embedded below) released by the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission is a recommendation that the state end its “counterproductive” practice of requiring juvenile offenders to add their names to sex offender registries.

“Automatic, categorical registries do not protect public safety,” George Timberlake, a retired chief circuit judge who chaired the commission, told the Associated Press. “There’s no evidentiary basis that says they do and more importantly, they have very negative consequences in the effects they have on the offenders’ life, and perhaps the victim’s life.”