Youth Reentry Improvement Report

“An essential measurement of any juvenile ‘reentry’ system is whether youth returning from incarceration remain safe and successful within their communities. By this fundamental measure, Illinois is failing.” – Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission’s Youth Reentry Improvement Report

The Commission’s focus on reentry began when a legislative task force directed it to make recommendations to ensure the effective reintegration of youth offenders into their communities following incarceration in a Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) facility.

After a year of intensive data analysis and file review, the Commission released a comprehensive report. 

In its report, the Commission made the following recommendations:

  • The Department of Juvenile Justice must prepare youth for timely release and qualified members of the Prisoner Review Board must increase the frequency and quality of release hearings.
  • The current Department of Corrections adult parole surveillance model for juveniles should be replaced by a statewide extension of DJJ’s Aftercare Specialist pilot program.
  • A court must make parole revocation determinations; Prisoner Review Board revocation hearings do not afford youth constitutional due process protections.
  • The Department of Juvenile Justice must develop and implement an integrated case management system to facilitate necessary information sharing, which will allow effective youth case planning and monitoring.