June 15, 2011 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 11:10 AM by Chairman Timberlake. 

II. Roll Call

Chairman Timberlake, Commissioners Julie Biehl, Gene Griffin, Lisa Jacobs, Wayne Straza.
Chairman Timberlake asked Julie Stremlau to send him an updated attendance record of the Executive Committee.

III. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Straza motioned to approve minutes, Commissioner Griffin seconded the motion. All in favor, minutes approved.

IV. Review of current Commission Grants

A. Transportation: Maintain funding level with using this year to develop a systems improvement strategy.

B. First Defense Legal Aid (FDLA): three months at the proposed level of $103,000.

C. Domestic Battery Pilot: $50,000 each for Peoria, DuPage and Cook (Youth Outreach Services) Counties with systems improvement strategy development.

D. IDOC, CPRD, JMIS: IDOC $190,000 to include compliance CPRD/JMIS at current funding levels.

E. ICJIA: $60,000
Motion to approve all funding outlined above made by Commissioner Straza. Second not needed. All in favor. None opposed. Commissioner Jacobs abstained her vote on domestic battery pilot. Motion passed.

V. Other

A. Graduate Public Service Service Intern (GPSI): Karrie Rueter is inquiring about the interns and where the University is in the interview process. Chairman Timberlake added that recommendation from Planning and Grants Committee is to offer position and fund them for two years if they have not accepted new positions or are unhappy with offers they have received. If they have accepted positions elsewhere, we will not seek other interns. Commissioner Griffin made a motion to fund the GPSI positions if they have not been offered other positions. Commissioner Straza seconded the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Motion passed.

B. Parole Study Final Approval: Commissioners Biehl and Ahitow had a conversation concerning his comments to the report. He is now agreeable with the report as it is written. Commissioner Biehl has asked Commissioner Weiner to take a close look at the tracking section and she responded with revisions that are being added. Commissioner Straza added that we need to change the system concerning technical violators being incarcerated. Karrie Rueter asked Commissioner Biehl if she checked with Beth Compton at DJJ about furloughs. Commissioner Biehl has not because they have a liberal interpretation of that and she agrees with it. Motion to approve the final draft with upcoming revisions from Dana Weiner and stylistic editing to provide an executive summary with dot points made by Commissioner Jacobs. Seconded by Commissioner Straza. All in favor. None opposed. No abstentions. Motion approved.
Commissioner Biehl reported that she plans to discuss a dissemination strategy with Jim Bray and Toni Irving to develop a plan to publicize the report to the community, legislators, stakeholders, and Commission. She has a list of people who will help. Commissioner Biehl is meeting with a formatter who will charge $15/hour. Karrie Rueter will be included in the meeting. The money for this project needs to be committed prior to June 30, 2011 to prevent gaps in the contract.

C. Results Based Accountability: Shay Bilchek and Phil Lee are going to collaborate about our further needs. Phil will probably need an extension to his contract. Karrie reported that no procurements are being processed or approved for SFY12. A contract should go out to CPRD and JMIS for $20,000-$30,000 for RBA. In order to increase RBA funding we need Peter Mulhall to request additional duties from Phil Lee. Then Peter Mulhall will report back to the Commission. We can then move to increase and amend the contract. This will not occur until mid to late August. Commissioner Jacobs asked if since it only $10,000 can we just up the initial contract? CPRD could pay out of the funds we are giving them and amend their contract later in the Fiscal Year. The Commission needs to understand that the worst case scenario is that CPRD could receive $110,000 rather than $120,000.

D. Reentry RFP Update: Karrie Rueter reported that this is in process. She has to write the PBC. Karrie was under the impression that she was going to receive all of the back-up to give her the information she needs to write it. RFPs are being prioritized by the Governor’s Office. Karrie does not know how long it will take to get the approval to post an RFP. This one will fall outside of the Procurement Code, but the Governor’s Office has changed the practice so that all RFPs have to go through the Procurement process for approval. The estimated time for approval is four to six months. Chairman Timberlake will contact the Governor’s Office in an attempt to avoid this process, since our RFPs do not fall under the procurement process. One way to avoid this is to check out the possibility of giving $500,000 to CPRD. It was suggested that we investigate doing this through CPRD or DJJ. Karrie is going to continue with RFP but will discuss with CPRD and DJJ if they have the interest to do this transfer of funds.

E. Research Assistant Position: There is a PBC in process for research and overall work with CPRD. Peter Mulhall has reported to Karrie his interpretation of what expectations the Commission has of CPRD concerning this position. If you have a list of scope of services/deliverables, Karrie can formally send anything you send her to Peter. The Communications part should go to Commissioner Franco-Payne and/or Commissioner Ander and Chairman Timberlake for approval. Karrie Rueter asked that staffing for committees, arranging meetings, etc. be removed from job description, since those are the duties of DHS staff.

VI. New Business

Karrie Rueter asked to discuss budget revision for grant. The grant has taken a 30% cut. Karrie found $500,000 for FFY11 in gender specific services, reduced DMC amounts, Reentry, access to counsel, alternatives for detention, mental health and administration. She reported that as long as we spend the grant money over a 3-year period and complete what we said we would do, we can move money around to meet our current needs. Currently we are just starting to spend FFY09 funds. Since we don’t anticipate giving YNC more funds, we will have lapsing $1.9 million. Permission has been granted for a no-cost extension. Commissioner Jacobs made a motion to approve budgetary changes and request for GANS. Chairman Timberlake seconded the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Motion passed.

Karrie added that she will change the scope of work to include the program area of after-care/reentry. Chairman Timberlake made a motion to move a no-cost extension and revision of aftercare/ reentry in FFY09 budget. Commissioner Jacobs seconded the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Motion passed.

Karrie will assure that we have done what we said we would do and free up the money from FFY09 for reentry. She is going to look at things we already did and things we don’t need to accumulate money for. Karrie will notify Commissioners by Friday where we stand in reducing the budget. She will provide revisions for FY11 that she plans to make to Committee by COB Friday for approval.

VII. Adjournment

Commissioner Jacobs made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Chairman Timberlake. Meeting adjourned at 12:50 PM.