February 10, 2009 IJJC Meeting

Call to Order

The IJJC meeting was called to order at 9:02 AM.

Commissioner Wayne Straza read a letter from Chair Gary Leofanti (pdf).  Chair Leofanti stated that Wayne Straza is to Chair the Commission meeting in his absence.

Roll Call

Commissioners: Andrew Jones, Ann Dralle, Wayne Straza, George Hill, Pam Rodriguez, Gene Griffin, Kurt Friedenauer, Rev. Charles Collins, Pat Connell.  Quorum declared present.

Staff: Karrie Rueter, Ron Smith, Mary O’Brien, Deborah McCarrel, Miguel Millett, Lindsey Bostwick.

Guests: Martarita Hanson-King, Dr. Gary Beringer, Nancy Abatte, Eileen Subak.

Approval of Minutes

Pat Connell made a motion to approve the minutes.  Ann Dralle seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved.

Vice-Chair Election

George Hill nominated Wayne Straza to the Vice Chair position of the Commission.  Pat Connell seconded the motion.  No other nominations were made.  All in favor, no opposed.  Wayne Straza is the Vice Chair of the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission.

Status of Funds Report

Karrie Rueter gave status of funds report.  The decision was previously made to expend the JJMH money.  This money is not released yet.  DHS has not processed the contract.  This has put the Commission in a unique position as the $250,000 can lapse.  The money will need to be spent before September 30, 2009.  An extension will be requested if it is not dispensed.

George Hill asked for discussion and asked what the Commission could do to assist with this issue.  Pat Connell suggested a letter to the Secretary to request this money be processed.  After more discussion, the decision to do a resolution and a letter was made.  Pat Connell drafted the resolution, the Commission approved, and the resolution and accompanying letter are to be sent.

Title V fiscal update: Approximately $51,000 of FFY 2007 funds will expire/lapse on 9/30/2009.  The Truancy RFP was expected to result in more funded applicants, thus the remaining balance.  An extension request will be made for these funds.  It was proposed and approved for a new Truancy RFP to be released.

Compliance Update

Ron Smith gave the compliance update.  There has been an increase in violations.  7 of the 26 came from DuPage County.  He stated the reasons are usually new judges and new superintendents learning their way.  Ron stated that no violations were seen in our youth centers this year.  DOC was asked for the 2007 and 2008 data but we have not been successful in getting that data.  Kurt Friedenauer stated the Department of Juvenile Justice would be able to work more towards better numbers in the future.  Franklin County had an increase in violations.  The Commission recommends continuing to monitor and track activity and to take action concerning the increase in violations in the counties we fund.  A letter will be sent to Transportation grant sites about the violations after follow-up and confirmation of numbers.  These agencies are out of compliance with the contract according to this report.

DMC Sub-Committee

Rev. Collins gave the DMC report.  The DMC Committee requested approval from the Commission for the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Summit.  $15,000 is requested for the Summit. The south suburbs are in dire need of assistance.  The Committee was informed of the need for more judges as the timeliness of adjudication is being pushed back as far as May and June for youth in these areas.  Pam Rodriguez stated there is a need to educate, including state foundations, in order to generate support and partnerships.  It was recommended to use the Latino data to further show the need for the Summit.  It was suggested that the Summit date be changed to April as there would be more public support and it would better coincide with funding cycles.

Pat Connell requested the DMC Committee update the Commission at the March Meeting.  She also suggested the Commission approve the proposal now, with noted restrictions, then in March the Commission can move forward if satisfied with the presented information.  The information concerning the summit will need to be more definitive.  Pat Connell also noted that she does not want this summit proposal to lead to additional money from the Commission.  Wayne Straza requested clarification and a motion.  Rev. Collins requested a motion to approve the Summit with noted restrictions concerning funding amount, the focus of the summit and the date of the event.  Pat Connell motioned and Gene Griffin seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.

Dr. Jeffrey Butts reported that the Burns Institute Project Pilot was a success.  There was less than a 50% response and Dr. Butts speculated this was due to the topic of the survey.  There were no complaints regarding usability.  Dr. Butts stated the survey should come from DHS, the Commission or some governmental entity. He believed there were too many restrictions as a result of University involvement and IRB requirements.  A broader state sample is recommended.  Dr. Butts gave a review of the results.  There will be a full report submitted at a later date.

Planning & Grants Subcommittee

The Planning and Grants subcommittee recommends releasing another Truancy RFP to expand the number of providers and to expend the Title V dollars.  Final approval will be requested at the Planning and Grants Committee meeting in March.  Pam Rodriguez motioned to approve, Rev. Collins seconded.  All in favor, motion passed.

Pat Connell presented an overview of the proposal to the Defender Services group (pdf).  This project has been reviewed and discussed for several months and at previous meetings. First Defense Legal Aid is seeking a grant from IJJC for $100,000. There was a brief discussion. George Hill expressed concern that this project may have unintended negative consequences. Pat Connell motioned to approve funding to Defender Services. Pam Rodriguez seconded. Andrew Jones and George Hill voted no. All other Commissioner’s present voted yes.  Motion passed.

Kurt Friendenauer presented his request for $408,700 (pdf) for the Department of Juvenile Justice.  Pat Connell stated that if the Commission does not fund this, then it will not happen.  The Commission has helped but the advocates and the legislators need to join the cause.  Pat Connell made a motion to approve the money for DOJJ.  Rev. Collins seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion approved.

Annual Report

Karrie Rueter stated that the Annual Report is past due.  Commissioners have reviewed the draft.  Wayne Straza recommended separate letters of the IJJC be sent to the Governor and Illinois Senators and Representatives in Washington.  The motion to approve the Report with the understanding that the noted components would be added was made by Pat Connell and Pam Rodriguez seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.

Title V Grant Application

Planning and Grants Committee reviewed and agreed with the presented plan.  Pat Connell made a motion to approve the Title V application for submission to OJJDP.  Wayne Straza seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.

Title II Grant Application

A draft of the Title II Grant Application was presented to the Commission.  Pam Rodriguez has concerns that substance abuse is not addressed, so substance abuse will now be addressed in the plan.  As discussed, Karrie Rueter will confer with Pam Rodriguez to ensure that the new language is acceptable.  Rev. Collins stated that one main focus of DMC is Detention Alternatives, so that should be added to the DMC section.  This will also be done as discussed. As the 3-Year Plan is due March 31, 2009, the final draft will be sent in advance to the Commissioners for comment.  Final approval for the plan will be made at the March Commission meeting.

Annual Performance Measures Report

Title V and Title II Performance Measures Reports were due in November and December, respectively.  They were prepared and submitted on time.

Legislative Update

Federal OJJDP Act is moving along and expected to be approved.

Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice Update

No update.

Federal Coordinating Council Update

Pam Rodriguez reported that all members were appointed to the Council.

JDAI Update

Pat Connell gave the JDAI report.  Barb Shipp submitted the application to the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Redeploy Illinois Update

Karrie Rueter gave the Redeploy update.  Five sites have been added.

Pam Rodriguez stated there needs to be more motivation and incentive to getting the big communities involved.  Kurt Friedenauer added that the concept is valuable but we have been playing to the small market.  There is no interest and we need to get them interested.

EUDL Update

No EUDL update.

ICJIA Update

Lindsey Bostwick gave the ICJIA update.  ICJIA data has still not been received from IDOC/IDJJ so the 2006 Annual Report has not been finalized yet.  The Commission directed Lindsey not to wait for the IDOC data for the 2006 Report or the 2007 Report.  A draft of the gender-specific study being conducted by ICJIA for the Commission was provided to Karrie Rueter.  The final report is expected this spring.

DHS Youth Services Presentation

Karrie gave a brief presentation on the youth services system and further discussed the possible consolidation of several youth service programs.

Pat Connell discussed the possibility of including the youth services system and need to consolidate as part of the next JJ Annual Report.  The other half of the Report will focus on IDJJ.  There was agreement on this by the Commission.

Other Business

The regular meeting schedule has not been followed for some time.  The Commissioners discussed their options. Motion was made to have one-day meetings on the second Wednesday.  Those dates are March 11th, June 10th, September 9th and December 9th.  All in favor, motion passed.  Commissioners noted they could revisit the schedule and make changes if necessary.

There is a financial audit March 17 and 18th.  The Feds do not want commission representation.


Wayne Straza motioned to adjourn, Rev. Collins seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 11:42 AM.