January 16, 2013 – IJJC Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 9:26am.

II. Roll Call

Commissioners: Pamela Rodriguez, George Timberlake, Gene Griffin, Lisa Jacobs, Rick Velasquez, Dana Weiner, Jacqueline Bullard, Ethan Viets-VanLear, Esther Franco-Payne, George Hill and Patrick Nelson. Rodney Ahitow by phone.  Guests: Nancy Gannon Hornberger, Anita Weinberg, Amy Meek.

Staff: Donna Taylor, Rob Vickery, Julie Stremlau, Ron Smith, Dick Walsh, Heidi Mueller, Karrie Rueter, Donna Taylor.Karima Douglas, DMC Coordinator and Jeff Bradley, JDAI Coordinator.

III. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Jacobs motioned to approve the minutes as edited.  Commissioner Bullard seconded.  Minutes approved.

IV. OJJDP Training (9am – 11am)

Nancy Gannon Hornberger presented her training on the JABG program. The group discussed what they envision for JABG and asked a variety of questions to determine the best strategy moving forward. The finalized focus areas will be added to the JABG grant for final review and approval. The 2009 JABG grant funds must be expended by December 2013. The 2010 JABG still has the option for an extension request, but we want to spend this money. It was noted that a Waiver of the requirement that 75% of JABG funds must go to units of local government might be useful. To qualify for the Waiver, we must demonstrate that the state funds more than 25% of juvenile justice expenditures.  If we have are granted a Waiver, it would cover the prior years funding and allow the unallocated money to be spent more rapidly.

V. Status of Funds: Title II and JABG

A. DJJ Funding Update:

No update

B. 2nd Chance Demonstration Continuation Grant:

No  update

VI. FFY13 JABG Grant Planning

A. Identify priority purpose areas

The group discussed the JABG purpose areas and selected four: Purpose Area #6: Law Enforcement/Court Personnel Training Programs; Purpose Area #10: Interagency Information Sharing Programs to Aid Informed Decision Making Regarding Juvenile Offenders; Purpose Area #11: Accountability-Based Programs Designed to Reduce Recidivism; and Purpose Area #12: Risk and Needs Assessment for Juvenile Offenders. Commissioner Hill motioned to approve the list, Commissioner Rodriguez seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passes.

VII. Program Updates: Process & Timeline

A. Transportation

Commissioner Velasquez explained the need for  restoration of Transportation Grant funding to Franklin County. Plan for eventual phase out of funding is to be put in place. Need to amend the contract with the increased amount and add language that defines what we require from this funding.  Commissioner Velasquez moved and Commissioner Griffin seconded the motion.  Roll Call vote taken: Ahitow-No; Biehl-Abstain; Bishop-Abstain; Bullard-No; Payne-No; Griffin-Yes; Hill-Yes; Jackson-Abstain; Jacobs-Yes; Nelson-Yes; Pam Rodriguez-Yes; Viets-VanLear- Abstain; Timberlake-Yes; Velasquez-Yes.  Motion passed.

B. JABG Transfer Update 

Timeline for JABG and Title II applications. The JABG application is due 2/28/13.  It was determined that the Executive Committee will finalize the JABG application content for submission.

C. Domestic Battery Program:

No update

D. DOC/Compliance:

No update

VIII. Committee Updates/Motions for Consideration

A. Communications

Commissioner Franco-Payne suggested any recommendations on the Raise the Age Report and  Annual Report be emailed to her and for members to consider attending the January 24th Communications Meeting to give further input.


Please see above.

C. DMC: 

The DMC Committee will approve the final assessment and submission.  The assessment is due March 2013. The Executive Committee will give final approval of the assessment.

D. Executive:

No update

E. Planning and Grants:

No update

IX. Project Reports

A. Raise the Age:

Project being finalized for release.

B. Juvenile Sex Offender

Professor Anita Weinberg walked the group through the presentation and discussed next steps. She reminded the group that elimination of the sex offender registry for youth is the recommendation of the report. It will be a challenge to find legislators to remove the registry. Commissioner Jacobs added that when the Executive Committee reviewed the report they understood the content, recommendations and evidence-informed practices with kids. We would like to eliminate sex offender registration for juveniles. The discussion followed with concerns about residency restrictions for youth, challenges finding employment, etc. due to the registry.  Commissioner Rodriguez feels it is a violation of youth rights.  We want evidence informed practice and no registry. We need a review and analysis of any proposed sex offender law to determine whether it advances youth or public safety.  We are asking legislators and policy makers to take a look and ask the necessary questions. The Communications Committee will finalize our intent for the legislation. Anita Weinberg and her team will pull the data together and make a list of evidence based practices. The Executive Committee will have final approval of this report as recommended by Commissioner Velasquez and seconded by Commissioner Hill. Motion carried.

C. Parole Study Update

Commissioner Biehl reported that Community Briefings on the Reentry Report continue.  Several briefings have already taken place, and there are sessions scheduled in Champaign, Cook County, Springfield, and St. Clair County.

D. Reentry Update

The Planning and Grants committee will work with DHS to get the contracts in place. The Reentry agencies will be back in February 2013 to give updated reports.

E. Youth Engagement:

No update

F. IJJC Website:

Rob Vickery reported that the IJJC website will go live next week. The Communications Committee will have final review and approval of site.

G. IJJC Membership:

No update.

X. Data Liaison:

No update

XI. Legislative Update:

No update

XII. Non-Commission Funded Program Updates (Redeploy, JCEC, EUDL, NRI):

No update

XIII. Federal & National Committee Updates (FACJJ, FCC, CJJ):

No update

XIV. Other

XV. New Business

XVI. Adjournment:

Chairman Timberlake motioned to adjourn. Commissioner Velasquez seconded the motion. All in favor, meeting adjourned at 3:00pm.