July 17, 2013 IJJC Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 9:20am.

II. Roll Call

Chairman George Timberlake, Vice Chairman Lisa Jacobs. Commissioners Rodney Ahitow, Julie Biehl, Jacqueline Bullard, Shelley Davis, Veronica Dixon, George Hill, Arnetra Jackson, Patrick Nelson, Esther Franco-Payne, Pamela Rodriguez, Ben Roe, Randell Strickland, Rick Velasquez and Dana Weiner. Quorum declared present. Guests: Jennifer Jaworski, Jim Bray, Jason Brennen, Marquianna Griffin and Imran Noormorhamed. Staff: Heidi Mueller, Rob Vickery, Karima Douglas, Dick Walsh, Ron Smith, Julie Stremlau, Brent Frey, Jeff Bradley.

III. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Hill motioned to approve the minutes, Commissioner Biehl seconded. May 15, 2013 Minutes approved.

IV. DJJ Core Grant Updates & Reporting

Jennifer Jaworski explained DJJ’s role and the grant. DJJ established and combined with DCFS to do Evidenced Based Strategies. They participated in the 2011 Reentry Report. She explained the assessments they have used. Columbia University is currently assisting in assessing the findings of the Voice Diagnostic Interview Schedule (V-DISC) and the Voiced Inventory of Self-Injurious Actions (VISA). DJJ Staff presented the data reporting information. They are in the process of creating a centralized system and the ability to do instant real time reporting. The IJJC would like DJJ to update them twice a year. Commissioner Hill noted that the General Assembly needs to provide the funding to DJJ, not the Commission.

V. Brent Frey Expungement Project Presentation

Brent Frey presented the expungement PowerPoint to the IJJC. He explained that the expungement process is a mess. The documents that exist are not user friendly. Currently there is the Illinois Supreme Court Commission whose purpose is to revamp the forms and the process overall. Commissioner Biehl further explained the Supreme Court Commissions work and focus. Brent explained that the barriers and the cost of the expungement process are amazing. There is a real need to address this issue. It appears that no one is monitoring whether juvenile records are actually expunged or not. The question remains as to how the records physically get removed? Commissioner Bullard noted that expungement of City Ordinance violations is a big problem. The IJJC is very interested in expungement and will further discuss actions necessary to move forward on this topic.

VI. Fiscal & Strategic Planning

A. Status of Funds

IJJC Executive Director, Heidi Mueller updated the group on the grant applications and JABG contracts. Due to transfer from ICJIA to DHS, some of the JABG contracts did not meet the July 1st deadline. The feds let the contracts be backdated to July 1st. The different JABG grantees will be presented to the Commission at the next meeting. The Title II 2010 and 2011 extensions will be sent soon. Both grants expire on September 30, 2013.

B.Committee Workplans Update

Executive Director Mueller discussed the IJJC priority areas chosen and the template presented. Individual committees will address their areas. The Planning and Grants committee will then respond to each committee’s proposal and address as necessary each committees concern. Chairman Timberlake requested that each committee should meet and address their areas and report back in one month. Commissioner Jacobs explained how this process goes along with the RBA system and added that non-commission individuals are eligible to serve on the committees. She will send out the template to committee chairs. The plan is to have access to one site with all committee information there.

C. Application Updates

It was announced the DMC CASP application was submitted but no word at this time. Chairman Timberlake presented the IJJC bylaws and gave a short overview to the group. There is a JSO meeting with Dr. Weinberg about JSO report on August 1st. Commissioners Rodriguez, Weiner and Roe want to be assigned to read the JSO report. Susan Witkin and Erika Hughes also want to assist with this report. The IJJC has already voted on and approved the recommendations.

D. JABG Transfer Update

Transfer from ICJIA almost complete. Current sites are doing very well with the transition process.

VII. Committee Reorganization

The discussion expanded to review of the existing committees and how the IJJC wants to restructure. They discussed the change to work groups from committees.

A. Lead Committee Assignments and Membership

Chairman Timberlake stated there is a need for other commissioners to get involved. Commissioner Pamela Rodriguez added the need for more active commissioners with participation from all. Chairman Timberlake said he will assign Commissioners if necessary. Commissioner Hill mentioned that staff should do the majority of the work on the reports the IJJ is asked to complete. It is believed the Analysis Work Group will take much of the work burden in these projects. The Research Work Group can do multiple tasks within its framework. Commissioner Pamela Rodriguez suggested “Subject Specific” work groups. Heidi would like a specific list of those individuals who will address the policy issues. Who is going to be on the research and analysis group? No commissioner ever loses their ability to vote, address concerns or be involved. Each work group will also have a work plan that will guide the rest of the full IJJC priorities. The Data group will take requests for work through Executive Committee not each work group.

B. Committee Updates/Motions for Consideration

  1. Commissioner Velasquez gave the JDAI report. Commissioner Biehl discussed work with her DJJ work group and their focus on JDAI. Jeff Bradley gave a report of the conferences that have taken place in the past year. Susan Witkin would like further information on the data received at the JDAI meeting and data shared. She also stated she will assist Jeff with JDAI data collection. The Juvenile Intervention Support Center (JISC) is willing to come to the IJJC meeting and present to the Commission.
  2. Commissioner Rodriguez, Chairman of the DMC committee, gave the DMC report. OJJDP found Illinois in compliance with DMC. Annual data collection about to begin. Letters are being sent to sites that participated to get their feedback. DMC priorities are law enforcement, youth engagement, JJ council (DMC in communities) Data collection and DMC reduction in all our areas. Commission funds and JABG money is available for DMC. James Belz will discuss DMC and fiscal issues? Karima Douglas is finalizing a DMC fact sheet for the DHS website. It was noted Minneapolis is interested in our Domestic Battery program and addressing the DMC component.
  3. Commissioner Jacobs gave the Planning and Grants update. Most of the topics have been covered in previous conversations today.
  4. Commissioner Franco-Payne gave the final Communications committee update. The messaging and report release aspect of the Communications committee will continue with the Research workgroup.

VIII. IJJC Membership

Please see Chairman Timberlake’s comments above under committee reorganization.

A. Youth Engagement

Rob Vickery updated the group on the IJJC Facebook page. The DHS seal needs to be added to website page. Need minutes from Youth meetings to share information as required. No further updates.

B. “Kids in the System” Screening and Discussion
Executive Director Heidi Mueller will provide final recommendations from the group.

IX. Other Updates

Those Commissioners who do not have a DHS ID will be sent an email on how to acquire one. Youth and their process through the system will be discussed at the next meeting and added to the Data work group for review.

X. New Business

Commissioner Jacobs is attending a public hearing on the DJJ sexual abuse issues for Chairman Timberlake. They will talk about the testimony and points to push. The points coincide with many of the recommendations we made in our JSO report. Counsel in facilities, family involvement, legislative action, funding for community based alternatives and Redeploy use in all circumstances under 18. Funding for community alternatives, Reentry work, etc. It is recommended that other entities (other than DJJ staff) be given access to review complaints/charges and/or one person with complete access to facilities and to address the issues that have arisen. Group made a recommendation to follow the principles of the IJJC and how to address this issue.

XI. Adjournment

Commissioner Franco-Payne moved to adjourn, motion seconded by Commissioner Davis. Meeting adjourned at 2:55pm.