September 9, 2009 IJJC Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:25 PM.

II. Roll Call

Commissioners: Chairman Gary Leofanti, Vice Chair Wayne Straza, Patricia Connell, Pamela Rodriguez, Kurt Friedenauer, Rodney Ahitow, Rev. Charles Collins, Gene Griffin, George Hill.  Quorum declared present.

Staff: Karrie Rueter, Barbara Shipp, Julie Stremlau, Mary O’Brien, Deborah McCarrel, Jim Reynolds, Ron Smith, Miguel Millett.

Guests: Mark Myrent, ICJIA; Lindsay Bostwick, ICJIA; Dick Walsh, new Compliance Monitor; Eileen Subak, Dr. Gary Beringer, Nancy Abatte.

Approval of Minutes

Gene Griffin motioned to approve the minutes and Patricia Connell seconded.  All in favor, minutes approved.

New Commissioner Update

The current Commissioners with expired terms are expected to be reappointed by the Governor.  Additionally, several new Commissioners are expected to be appointed in the near future.

IDJJ Update (FY2010)

Karrie Rueter reported the IDJJ Grant has gone over into 2010.  IDJJ and DOC have not spent all of the funds. Patricia Connell added that the IDJJ budget is unstable and with Pier Marquette closing and the current budget there has to be some thoughts that there will be more closings.  New staff graduated and the JJ Specialists are in place in the facilities.  The Inspector General’s report was delayed, as they had to create a new job description.  They are requesting 45 or more staff.

The State police have investigated the recent suicide in an IDJJ facility.  There are issues with the physical plant itself and deterioration.  We should have that report quickly.  DJJ is doing a full investigation and has MacArthur to help.  There is also a team of national experts on care and appropriateness of care.  There will be a tour of the rooms in St. Charles and the new confinement unit.  The money for training is being spent and Erik Trupen will train on the treatment model.  Rodney Ahitow commented that the Commission should be made aware of how they are spending the money they were given.

IDHS Youth Services Update (FY2010)

Karrie Rueter gave the report.  As we are aware, there was the bad budget and the newer one.  Some programs received a 22% cut and others were given stimulus money.  Two programs were eliminated, Crossroads and YouthBuild.  Homeless Youth was at 100% but now may be taking a 22% cut.  The Division is working on using Title XX DFI funds to offset these cuts.

Redeploy expansion is possible with stimulus money.  Since Cook County is no longer a Redeploy site this may help to absorb that 22% cut.  The Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board is trying to get DOC data to establish policies.  This is the fourth year Peoria is at 25% or lower, but they committed 7 more kids than they should have.  We need to look at the legislation and determine what kind of flexibility we have in working with these violations.  Justification of data is an issue everywhere.  The impact of cuts currently being discussed by AOIC will significantly and severely impact JDAI, Redeploy, etc.

Status of Funds Report

Karrie Rueter reported Title V for 2007 will not expire until 2010.  $50,000 was going to lapse but the Commission was granted an extension.  A Title II extension was not necessary as we will spend it.  There is $70,000 plus to the Medicaid project collaborative for 2010.  Currently closing out 2009 but it is not all processed and updated.

Compliance Update

Ron Smith introduced Dick Walsh to the Commission.  Mr. Walsh is a retired Juvenile Officer.  Mr. Walsh has years of experience and has been in the field with Ron and other monitors learning the process.  He should be out on his own by the end of this month and his new office is located at Youth Network Council.  The Commission welcomed Dick Walsh to his new position.

Ron Smith reported that we continue to be in compliance.  There were no DSO violations in jail or lockups.  DSO in detention centers from January through June 2009 totaled 25, the same as last year.  There was a problem in DuPage as one child was returned to a facility six times.  It was also worked out with DuPage about truants.  Until the new authorization we will have problems with juvenile felons and seventeen or older kids.

Jail removal is 270, it was 274.  Chicago was 25 of those but that should drop down and we would be well under 200 this year.  Patricia Connell asked with whom should we be having a conversation with to decrease these violations.  Karrie Rueter responded that Cook seems to be a violator and she doesn’t understand how their numbers of violations decrease after the initial number is reported.  Ron explained that Chicago has 25 districts and poor reporting by the police departments.  Juvenile investigators and others have conflicting data.  Karrie Rueter suggested Ron assist them in doing better as it appears to be the same facility. There is a change suggested that uses a one page information list that details the items we must meet for compliance.  These are the items we must have to pass the federal requirement for the 3-Year plan submitted to OJJDP.  The agencies liked the sheet but want Violation and Monitoring procedures separate.  Ron Smith ensured the Commission he would see what could be done to improve the problem.

DMC Committee Update

The DMC Committee met prior to the full Commission meeting and the budget was discussed.  There is a DMC Learning Workshop planed for June 17th and 18th in Oak Brook at the Doubletree Hotel.  MacArthur and Youth Network Council will assist in this workshop.  Karrie Rueter commented that there is still a lot of planning work to be completed before final approval of this event.  Pam Rodriguez moved to approve the proposal with final review and approval at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  Rod Ahitow seconded the motion.  All in favor none opposed.  Rev. Charles Collins abstained.

The Committee motioned for up to $70,000, with the final budget to be approved through the Executive Commitee after the proposed budget is complete, made by Pam Rodriguez.  Committee motion so no need for a second.  Chairman Leofanti and Rev. Charles Collins abstained.  All in favor, none opposed.

There was a request for reimbursement of travel and hotel stay for some or our existing sites to present at a Winnebago DMC training.  YNC will review the number to be reimbursed and make the final decision on reimbursement within their DMC allocation.

Miguel Millett explained the Burns Level One Data Template and its relationship to DMC.  Mr. Millett informed the Commission that the recent training was helpful yet they have not seen the template work electronically.  Miguel Millett will learn more about the language of the template and will bring this back to the Commission.  Miguel Millett will work with Randall Strickland to develop a formal written document detailing the collaborative relationship between IJJC and MacArthur.

Lisa Jacobs, Models for Change Coordinator, addressed the group.  Models for Change is having a collaboration meeting August 24th.  In the development of the report there was great collaboration and technical support so that each entity could share at no cost.  She stated they are working on data creating and networking for Models for Change and Juvenile Justice, which will strengthen the models that evolve.

Karrie Rueter commented that there is a need to broaden the scope.  Redeploy sites could be added.  Many of the existing sites are using the Burns Model so this shouldn’t be new.  OJJDP would approve of this.  It was recommended to continue to finalize the document.  It will be amended and the Commission retains final authority to approve or deny.  The December Commission meeting will be too late for final approval.  Gene Griffin motioned to allow the Executive Committee to review the revised plan.  Pam Rodriguez seconded the motion.  All in favor, none opposed.  Rev. Charles Collins abstained.

JDAI Committee Update

Barb Shipp, Chairperson of the JDAI Partners Group, reported that the JDAI information is up to date and that the Partners have been notified by the Casey Foundation of the continuation of the $25,000 funding award to Illinois in FY10.  Given that it was anticipated that funding for Judge Payne in FY10 would be picked up entirely by Redeploy Illinois Funds, Barb asked the Commission to consider allocating the JDAI portion of Judge Payne’s salary – $65,000 – to the work of the Partners Group in lieu of this.  Chair Leofanti indicated that this amount was budgeted to JDAI and that it would remain to be spent as needed.

Patricia Connell reported that Mike Rohan, Director of Probation and Court Services in Cook County and member of the JDAI Partners Group, will meet September 21st with Barb, Frank Morelli (President of IPCSA), Barry Bass (JDAI Consultant), and herself.

This group will be making recommendations as to the format and frequency of meetings of the new JDAI Committee to replace the Partner’s Group.

Planning & Grants Committee Update

The Truancy Review Board (TRB) had minimal funding of Title V of $70,000 to $75,000.  There is the option of considering to use the Gender Specific Study to target a specific counties for programming.  Lindsay Bostwick has a list of the programs that exist in Illinois and across the country that could be modeled.  Lindsey will provide the Commission with the high percent offenses and the Commission will determine the next step.

There was a lengthy discussion on the Medicaid initiative in the P & G meeting and in the full Commission meeting.  Deborah McCarrel informed the Commission of the issues with the providers and the issues over reimbursement of funding.  The bottom line noted is our kids need the services.  The Commission stated it approved of the sites keeping the money for services to Medicaid eligible youth and not for startup.

Commissioner Griffin suggested that rather than use $50,000 (previously allocated) on the analysis of old data, we could have YNC develop a system that evaluates the services sites are currently doing.  Gene Griffin made a motion to use that money for current data analysis with a stipulation that the Executive Committee approves the allocation of all the money.  George Hill seconded.  Chairman Leofanti abstained.  All in favor, motion passed.

YNC requested some of the Commissioners be a part of this group to assist in accessing information and making recommendations.  The Executive Committee can stipulate the disbursement of the money. Gene Griffin moved to approve, Pam Rodriguez seconded the motion.  Chairman Leofanti abstained.  All in favor, motion approved.

Annual and Re-Entry Reports Update

The due date for the SB1725 report has been extended to 2010.  The Committee has reviewed the technical violators across the state for the month of May.  The information collected included demographics, offenses, release dates, returned dates, original offenses, services requested for the parolee, services actually completed and sanctions imposed.  The committee members will meet with Jo Durkee, Bureau Chief of Performance Support Services, to discuss compilation of the data.

Commissioners will now have further time to attend the PRB revocation hearing and review the process.  The Commissioners will observe and make recommendations as to what is needed in terms of questions and recommendations for the SB1725 final report.

Title V Grant Revisions

Title V money is to be used based on Lindsay Bostwick’s work.  It appears the highest number of targeted offenses are domestic battery and simple battery.  We could prepare an RFP/Pilot that would target the issues.  The Executive Committee will meet and do the final approval on the procurement and/or award prior to the December Commission Meeting.  Rodney Ahitow motioned to approve, no second necessary.  All in favor, approved.

Legislative Update

No update given.

ICJIA Reports Update

Lindsay Bostwick reported the Risk Factor Data book is complete.In the next few months the internet will be up to date.  The Mental Health Assessments should be completed soon.  There have been requests for the flow chart to be put in a narrative to give a simple walk through of the JJ system in Illinois.  Lindsay stated she needs some expertise to review this document.  Karrie Rueter reported that many of ICJIA reports have been completed so the Commission should consider what else it would like to work on.

Pam Rodriguez asked if we were able to get data from the DMC template.  Karrie Rueter replied that we can ask our providers to complete it.  A mapping system is in the works but is down the road.  Pam Rodriguez stated that environmental changes should be included.  The ad hoc committee is to review the proposal and then meet with Lindsay to make a further decision.  Lindsay asked that others get involved in this data collection report.

ICJIA ARRA Funding – $4 million to youth services, DHS is still in the application process.  Karrie stated we got the commitment from ICJIA that the money was our’s.  However, the process is complicated.  Vice Chair Wayne Straza commented that maybe at some point after this is over someone can make comments about the process.  If the process works against getting the money out there then we need to know about it.  Pam added the Governor’s office monitors this and it is entirely too complicated.

Redeploy Illinois Update

No report given.

EUDL Update

No update given.

JCEC Update

No update given.

Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice Update

No update given.

Federal Coordinating Council Update

The Council has not met recently, no report given.

Other Business

It was noted in the Planning and Grants meeting that the current agenda for the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission Meetings is not working.  There is not enough time to discuss or address the issues.  The Planning and Grants Committee recommends returning to the two-day agenda.  The full Commission agreed and the next meeting will be in the two-day format.  No vote necessary as the Commission stipulated to have a trial period of the new agenda.

The next meeting will be December 2nd and 3rd in Countryside, IL.  The actual location is to be determined at a later date.


Vice Chair Wayne Straza motioned to adjourn.  Pamela Rodriguez seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 4:50 PM.