September 5, 2013 JDAI Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 9:35am.

II. Roll Call

Chairman Rick Velasquez, Rod Ahitow on phone. No Quorum.
Staff: Jeff, Rob, Heidi Mueller, Julie Stremlau, Kanako Ishida.
Guests: Susan Witkin, Miquel Lewis on phone.

III. Approval of Minutes

Unable to approve June minutes due to lack of quorum.

IV. Compliance Report

Rob Vickery explained the diminimus numbers. Commissioner Velasquez asked about the truancy programs in areas. Jeff Bradley continues to meet with Judges and providers and seems to be making progress. Commissioner Velasquez inquired about JABG money in terms of funding if the counties are in violation. IJJC Executive Director, Heidi Mueller explained that we currently fund Champaign County and they consistently have violations. We need to decrease these violations. This is our opportunity to explain that their formula money could be withdrawn and we will discontinue funding if improvements are not made.

Rob Vickery further explained the Compliance report and indicated that JISC with 39 violations is very high. We need more information around these violations. Youth are being arrested and detained on ordinance violations and not going to court. What can we do about these violations? We need to provide technical assistance if necessary.

V. Update and Approve Workplan

Heidi Mueller explained the JDAI workplan. Outcomes, utilization of JABG statewide, policy issues, reliance on CCBYs and updating the form. We need to propose a tangible concrete plan. This is an opportunity for JDAI people to come together. The estimate was around $100,000 to $150,000 a site for us to really take action on this. There was discussion of a need for a point-person who could meet with the CCBYS coordinators, providers and judges. Commissioner Velasquez believes we should set the amount but let the sites describe how they will accomplish the goals we set. We need to mobilize CCBYS among the providers to advocate for funding and utilize what is out there.

Commissioner Velasquez mentioned Raise the age and is there a concern with increased violations and transfer issues. It was noted we need to work on addressing the issues that arise with Raise the Age. Need to work with CPRD to report on RtA impact, etc. and monitor what is happening. Need to look at 2 or 3 jurisdictions and look at a model and the impact, etc. Need to determine the best way to use the money and to maintain the best working relationship with AOIC. Susan Witkin added that she believes we need a more focused data request as AOIC has a lot of data information and our request is too broad. It was noted that we have somewhat overwhelmed AOIC with what we are proposing and they are cautious. We need to know what we want from the jurisdictions. Commissioner Velasquez asked what else the court would want to make the adjustment to statewide data. What resources and alternatives exist? Everything outside detention and an analysis of current detention alternatives was suggested. The group discussed an RFP but designated it could be released no later than November. The funding ends September 2104 so we must move quickly.

We have an obligation to look at those not doing JDAI and still doing well and find out why? We need to evaluate the impact of JDAI and non-JDAI sites. Susan Witkin explained there are many reports that already exist on this topic. They are broken down by county and contain a lot of information. Susan will compile as much information as she can quickly.
The group discussed the quarterly reports, JDAI site reports the statewide detention report. Currently working on standards and compliance monitoring continues.

VI. New Business

None noted.

VII. Chair’s Comments

See above discussion.

VIII. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 11:00am.