August 13, 2014 Planning and Grants Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:07am. Quorum declared present.

II. Roll Call

Chairman-Lisa Jacobs, Rick Velasquez, George Hill, Esther Franco-Payne, IJJC Chairman-George Timberlake. Staff: Ron Smith, Rob Vickery, Julie Stremlau, Karima Douglas, Monica Kelley. Guests: Mike Funk, DOC; Kanako Ishida, Susan Witkin, Shirene Thomas, U of I Springfield.

III. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Velasquez moved to approve, Commissioner Hill seconded. Minutes approved.

IV. DOC Compliance Monitoring

Mike Funk presented with assistance from Compliance Monitor, Ron Smith. Mike Funk noted they follow OJJDPs protocols and systems. Ron Smith explained the process that keeps Illinois in compliance with OJJDP standards. The group asked questions about holds over 6 hours, secure and non-secure confinement, etc. Mike explained that if a juvenile judge says the child is held, they are held. There is pretrial and post adjudication. The group discussed the legality of what occurs, how they keep track, etc. Commissioner Velasquez asked if the centers all have a different procedure. Mike Funk explained that all facilities have regulations in place. Commissioner Velasquez asked what the role of the IJJC in terms of monitoring issues/violations. Our role seems to be to identify those that are non-compliant and address the concerns through the monitoring process and ensure standards are met. Mike Funk explained standards. The standards are still in the process of being updated, last revision was 1994. The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) is currently in the process of doing this. Commissioner Hill voiced his continued concerns with the IJJC funding a process to acquire data the State should provide. Mike Funk explained the partnership. Commissioner Velasquez noted the policy should be addressed and/or updated. He noted that Domestic Battery concerns and CCBYS are subjects of interest on a local level and are we addressing these issues. Commissioner Jacobs stated the data and the reports are to be shared with authorities and it is our duty to divert youth and we are still holding youth. Need to get the data and start a dialogue to address these concerns.

V. Fiscal Update

A. SFY 14 Final Expenditures

Rob Vickery, Executive Director of the IJJC gave the fiscal update. He explained how we were overdrawn for FY2015 contracts and had to de-obligate contracts, etc. to make up for that overdraw. We targeted larger contracts to make up for the excess we needed to cover. They talked about contracts and issues with over and under spending. Chairman Jacobs explained the difficulty in changing any contract, at this time, in a suitable manner. She asked about those that underspent and do we consider changing their allocation due to their issues. Commissioner Hill believes some agencies have the issue of no money at their disposal and must wait for payments from DHS. We will continue to address payment issues.

B. Budget Update

Commissioner Velasquez gave an overview of JDAI committee and referenced the request from IPCSA for $2500 for their fall conference. The allocation of $2500 for IPCSA conference is the request of the JDAI committee and need Planning and Grants to vote. Commissioner Hill motioned to approve, no second necessary. Motion approved.

VI. JABG Planning

Rob Vickery continued with the fiscal report. The plan is to do some short term contracts to spend down the money. Commissioner Velasquez recommended Planning and Grants review the budget and address at the September meeting. IJJC Chairman Timberlake recommended for Planning and Grants to develop a policy.

VII. Data Projects Update

There will be a detention data report available to IJJC In September. Dana Weiner, Susan Witkin and Rob Vickery are all working on data projects: IDJJ admission analysis, Statewide JJ snapshot, SFY15 contracts and standardized data collection for grantees.

VIII. Review of SFY15 IJJC Calendar

Commissioner Franco-Payne explained that they have met on the Annual Report and continue to update.

IX. New Business

None noted.

X. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Jacobs, seconded by Commissioner Hill. Meeting adjourned at 11:09am.