December 17, 2012 DMC Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 2:35pm.

II. Roll Call

Present: Pamela Rodriguez, Patrick Nelson present. Esther Franco-Payne, Rod  Ahitow and Rick Velasquez on phone. Quorum present. Guests: Dr. Miquel  Lewis and Theo Chapman. Staff: Rob Vickery, Heidi Mueller, Julie Stremlau.  Susan Witkin on phone.

III. Approval of Minutes

Chairman Rodriguez moved to approve the minutes of October 15, 2012.  Commissioner Nelson seconded the motion, all in favor. Motion passed.

IV. DMC Assessment

Chairman Rodriguez again explained that we are completing a qualitative and quantitative analysis for the DMC Assessment. Susan Witkin updated the group on recent developments. She explained that they have completed all the interviews, sent out approximately 1500 surveys and received 650 responses. The narrative of these findings is in draft form. It appears from the results that many do understand what DMC is. The data being collected should be better and training efforts are not sufficient. It appears they are making different decisions than informed decisions. The decision points are not trickling down. It was noted that zero tolerance in schools seems to be the universal system. DMC policy, discretion and diversion are needed. Commissioner Nelson asked about the data collection. Rob Vickery explained what counties remain and the issues with acquiring the necessary data. Chairman Rodriguez asked about using a representative sample and Susan Witkin said it could be done. There was a suggestion to consider smaller counties. Chairman Rodriguez recommended IJJC Chairman Timberlake make a more official request of these counties so they respond. Susan Witkin further explained some of the issues with the required data collection. Susan plans to blend together the separate analyses and have an open introduction. Commissioner Velasquez asked if the support they have is adequate to finalize this report and if not the IJJC will provide the necessary assistance.

Commissioner Franco-Payne offered the assistance of the Communications Committee if necessary. Susan Witkin believes they can complete the report in a timely manner.

V. DMC Federal Requirements

A. Federal Site Visit

Chairman Rodriguez has asked to meet with Federal DMC Coordinator  Andrea Coleman. Given what we have found with the research the logical  step is to further discuss the specifics of our  DMC Assessment. January  8, 2013 is the date for this discussion.

B. Compliance Report

Currently no feedback on our appeal concerning our status of non-compliance. We did not request a waiver. Illinois addressed all the issues in the OJJDP letter. Commissioner Velasquez requested a copy of the appeal letter and revised DMC data compliance plan. Commissioner Rodriguez and Julie will provide. Illinois has responded promptly to address each issue and believe we are in compliance. Meeting in January will address this also.

C. DMC Quarterly Report

Last DMC Quarterly Report was sent on October 22, 2012. Chairman Rodriguez commended Rob Vickery on the last report he completed and has asked him to take the lead in working with Heidi on the next report. Report due February 1, 2013. The DMC data is one thing but recommendations are the key. One of the areas noted as an issue is zero tolerance. Models for Change is looking at this and  Rob Vickery will get a consensus and report back to this committee.

VI. New Business

DMC coordinator interviews are in progress. The Committee would like to have this position filled and finalized in January. There was a discussion about the qualifications and type of person they are seeking for this position. The new coordinator must have the ability to move the system forward. The qualitative study will assist us in knowing the areas in need of the most help. Commissioner Franco-Payne announced the Annual Report is in final draft form and will be reviewed for submission soon.

VII. Adjourn

Commissioner Nelson moved to adjourn. Commissioner Franco-Payne seconded  the motion. Meeting adjourned. 3:37pm.