Betsy Clarke honored with national youth advocate award

“Betsy Clarke honored with national youth advocate award

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Elizabeth “Betsy” Clarke, president of the Illinois-based Juvenile Justice Initiative, was recognized recently for her tenacious work on behalf of young people in trouble with the law. Clarke is the second recipient of the Beth Arnovits Gutsy Advocate for Youth Award, which is given annually by the National Juvenile Justice Network to individuals who advocate for youth justice and juvenile justice reform and who embody “the tenacity, vision, fearlessness and wisdom of Beth Arnovits.”

“Betsy Clarke was a natural choice for the Gutsy Youth Advocate award,” said Sarah Bryer, director of the National Juvenile Justice Network. “You only have to look at her longstanding commitment to the field of juvenile justice reform, her support of and engagement in national level reform work, and her tremendous success as an advocate for her vision for change on both the local and national levels… She’s done amazing things.”