Commissioner Updates: The Commission Welcomes Jelani R. Floyd and Tamela Meehan

Jelani R. Floyd, licensed attorney, and National Basketball Players Association Certified Player agent is a co-founder of the premier sports agency firm Beyond Athlete Management. Jelani also empowers current and future professional athletes through his weekly newsletter, Own Your Talentâ„¢ which provides athletes with insight and knowledge to maximize the business side of sports and beyond.

Jelani has been vital in being the voice, strategist, and leader for Beyond’s social justice initiatives, which empowers clients to speak out about the many injustices Americans face. Floyd doubles down on this effort to spark change through his own Chicago-based non-profit organization, the Atypical Sports & Learning Foundation, which aims to empower youth to use sports as a vehicle to further academic achievement.

Tamela Meehan has been employed with the Office of the Chief Judge of Cook County since 1999. She currently serves as a Supervising Probation Officer within the Clinical Support Division and co-chairs her departments Committee on Results for Equity. Tamela received her MSW from Southern University at New Orleans and Master of Jurisprudence – Child & Family Law from Loyola University. Tamela is also a 2019 Chicago United for Equity fellow and is a trained Peace Circle Keeper.