Funding for Suicide Prevention Activities

The Illinois Department of Public Health is accepting requests to support suicide prevention activities during National Prevention Week (May 17-23, 2015). Communities can host a suicide prevention activity on Prevention of Suicide Day (May 22) and/or sponsor a suicide prevention activity in collaboration with one of the other days (e.g., increase awareness about the relationship between substance use and suicidality).

Approximately $60,000 has been allocated to fund projects through this proposal process. A wide range of activities will be considered. The maximum award to one applicant is $2,000. (In the interest of awarding as many projects as possible, partial awards may be made.) Eligible applicants include any one of a variety of public and private agencies in Illinois.

A conference call will be held on April 17, 2015 at 2 pm to ensure applicants have a full understanding of the purpose of the support and an overview of allowable activities. 1-888-494-4032 – Passcode 2631052766#.

The Request for Support form provides additional information about the purpose of this support, examples of events or activities that could be funded, expectations of the awardees, in addition to information about submitting your request. Requests should be send to Jennifer Martin, Suicide Prevention Project Manager, by April 24, 2015.