Therapy Helps Troubled Teens Rethink Crime

“Therapy Helps Troubled Teens Rethink Crime” by Shankar Vedantam

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Late one night in November 2007, a student at the University of Chicago named Amadou Cisse was accosted by a young man named Demetrius Warren. Warren demanded Cisse’s backpack and water bottle — at the point of a .22-caliber gun. When the bag and bottle were not forthcoming — or not forthcoming quickly enough — Warren shot Cisse at point-blank range, killing him. The 29-year-old Cisse was a month shy of completing his Ph.D. in chemistry. In 2011, Warren was sentenced to 120 years in prison. The spurred the University of Chicago to establish a center to study how to prevent homicide, using the tools of empirical science. Now, in a issued by the , investigators from the university’s say they have identified an intervention that could help reduce violent crime.