2013 Juvenile Detention Data Report

The Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission asked the Center for Prevention Research and Development at the University of Illinois to produce this in-depth report on admissions to juvenile detention across Illinois in calendar year 2013. Comprehenisve detention data has not been published in a number of years.

Overall, Illinois has made significant reductions in the number of youth detained annually – the report identifies a 16% decline in the most recent five years – and we applaud this success. We also recognize the work remaining in our efforts to use detention appropriately and sparingly, to detain the right kids at the right time for the right reasons.

The data contained in this report has considerable breadth and depth. We encourage communities to review statewide data and trends, but most importantly to spend time and thought with the data from their own jurisdiction. We have included, as an appendix, a series of discussion questions to help in the process. Our purpose is not to highlight any county for particularly “bad” (or “good”) statistics. Rather, we want this information to start local conversations about how detention is used.

All data is from the JMIS data system, maintained by the Center for Prevention and Research Development under contract with the Department of Human Services.