Preventing Youth Arrests through Deflection: Best Practices and Recommendations

This report, Preventing Youth Arrests through Deflection: Best Practices and Recommendations, is a collection of research-informed best-practices from the Commission for effective deflection programs for youth. As a state advisory group, our primary goal is to ensure that youth do not enter the justice system unnecessarily. 

This report is not only applicable for the City of Chicago in determining their best course of action regarding current diversion and deflection programs, such as the Juvenile Intervention & Support Center (JISC), but for communities across Illinois who are dedicated to reducing the number of youth who come in contact with the juvenile justice system. 

In light of the profound racial disparities evident in our state’s juvenile systems and the growing body of research on fair and effective practices, getting this right has never mattered more than it does today. We thank you for your continued partnership and dedication to making Illinois a better, more equitable place for youth. 

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